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Spot Me If You Can: ‘Sheer’ Soap-Effect Sneakers Threaten To Be Fall’s Must-Have Shoes

As we hunted for the brightest designs and creative prints, mirror effect sneakers burst into trends. They are not something that does not stand out, but even merge with the environment, as if camouflaged. It seems to be – but it seems not. Schrödinger model, not otherwise!

We can talk endlessly about sneakers – we’ll never stop loving these shoes. There’s something about the way sports gear has suddenly become the world’s number one purchase: now, to achieve commercial success, most designers need only release a pair of iconic sneakers. It’s not for nothing that Gucci collaborated with adidas, and Rihanna collaborated with Puma – that’s the promotion formula, no matter what. In general, these shoes have become a real measure of the success of the brand – and one of the most demanding trends in fashion.

Basic designs, for which buyers will stand in one-kilometer queues and enter card data on the site in the first seconds after release, will no longer surprise anyone. Even a pair of classic New Balance is more of a necessity than an experience. Sneaker fans demand spectacle and they get it.

We noticed a cool novelty with a claim to the title of it-shoes from Dua Lipa. The singer posted her next trendy Givenchy look on social media (a separate salute to the star’s stylists), but we stared at her sneakers. It’s not just silver: the shoes are covered with an extra layer on top, which reflects light and gently glares, creating “soapy” stains. It turns out a slight blur effect, as if the model was actually a mirror. But everything is reflected in the sneakers not clearly, but blurry – it looks super impressive!

It didn’t take long to look for a miracle thing – this is the Puma x Dua Lipa collection, a joint line of the singer and the German brand. A great model, but not the only one of its kind: in the fall there is a huge demand for silver shoes, including sneakers. Yes, not everyone will have such a cool “soapy” effect, but we will follow the news. And don’t miss these couples either – just a few more weeks, and they’ll be taking over social media!

Source: The Voice Mag

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