Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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Short and intensive travel

In the tips we have prepared for you, we will mainly focus on short trips. However, a short journey does not mean a less significant journey. Having the right clothes and the right luggage is the most worthwhile on sightseeing weekends, trips, or business meetings. Travel luggage should match not only the style of its owner, but also the type of trip you are undertaking and the type of transport you choose.

Wheels or arm

The most popular piece of luggage is the hand suitcase on wheels. A practical and elegant solution for any journey. Using a suitcase on wheels is convenient and at the same time safe for its contents. Shell luggage protects clothes and also fragile things that you need to take with you on your travels. Of course, the biggest benefit is that you are not carrying any heavy load in your hand or on your shoulder. Here is a selection of the most stylish pieces of this autumn. Choose an iconic or classic design that suits your journey and perfectly complements your style.

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Michael Kors: price CZK 12,740/CHIARA FERRAGNI: price CZK 6,480

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MISAKO: price 1849 CZK/MISAKO: price 1699 CZK

Wheels are not always suitable

A suitcase with wheels is a constant, but it would not be a good friend for us on mountains or uneven roads. We still have other options that we can use. Of course, it is a travel bag with ears or a purse of the right dimensions. A large number of popular brands already have a travel bag or handbag in their portfolio that can fit more than just a phone and keys. It is a comfortable, stylish and compact solution for every short trip. It is also a good choice for traveling by car, where you can simply open the zipper and take out what you need from the bag. It only depends on the location you choose and again the type of your trip and your style. A larger-sized handbag, such as a shopping bag or larger, can be a great accessory that you can use not only for travel, but also for everyday use, such as a trip to the gym or a trip to the beach.

MCM: price CZK 27,930/Still Nordic: price CZK 4,900

N°21: price 10800 CZK/Liebeskind Berlin_price 1830 CZK

It’s what’s inside that counts

Our last tip is, of course, the correct selection of a hygienic bag or case. We all use them and we all like them. We put cosmetic products, hygiene items or, for example, personal documents and valuables in them. Choose the right one for your luggage, for example from these two that caught our attention the most and are available on the Zalando website.

Barbour: price 1330 CZK/River Island: price 940 CZK

Source: Moda

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