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Royal Diamonds: exceptional jewelry with unique diamonds


Such a precious stone as a diamond exists outside of time, tradition and fleeting fashion. This is an eternal classic over which time has no power.

It is customary to call a diamond the king among precious stones, and there is an explanation for this in the very history of the popularity of this mineral. The fashion for diamond jewelry was introduced by the favorite of the French King Charles VII – Agnes Sorel, known as the “Lady of Beauty” and the most beautiful woman of the 15th century. It was she who made it possible to wear diamonds not only by male royalty, but also by all wealthy women who could purchase jewelry made of precious stones. Peerless diamonds adorn the crowns of European monarchs to this day, and royals often give their lovers expensive jewelry with this mineral as a sign of endless and sincere love. With the discovery of new deposits, they have become more affordable, but the largest “transparent” diamonds continue to grow in price every year.

Jewelry from the Royal Diamonds collection is an eternal value and a unique opportunity to become the owner of a rare natural gemstone. All the beauty of a diamond is in its purity, as well as in the perfect cut and play of light. This collection embodies all the best qualities of this stone and elevates its luxury to the absolute. In Royal Diamonds jewelry, the diamond seems to glow from within and allows them to dazzle in both sunlight and artificial light.

Thanks to the classic design and variety of cuts, the collection’s jewelry is universal: it suits all ladies and can be combined with each other. Connoisseurs of the round cut will appreciate the luxurious set of a track ring and Royal Diamonds stud earrings. Restrained in its elegance, but no less luxurious, this white gold ring with precious stones smoothly running along the radius of the decoration is completed with one large and perfectly cut diamond that attracts attention and adds sophistication to the wearer. Shiny stud earrings will make a perfect pair. They will be the final touch of a luxurious set, while not overloading the image due to the universal round shape and minimalistic design.

Source: Hellomagazine

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