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Kristen, Vittoria and Paloma in the fantasy campaign of the H&M brand

photo: courtesy of H&M

Three distinct dimensions in the campaign celebrate individual expression and support of environmentally responsible practices in the production of women’s and men’s clothing. The visual images of the entire story are represented by a number of models, including Kristen McMenamy, Vittorie Ceretti and Paloma Elsesser.

Pieces from the H&M Innovation Story collection have bold hues and even bolder silhouettes. Everything is photographed against a background reminiscent of the night sky and snow. The collection is divided into three dimensions, the first of which focuses on designs created with the concept of circular fashion in mind, the second refers to the clothes lending program in selected H&M stores and the third dimension focuses on the digital collection, which was designed in collaboration with London’s Digital Institute fashion.

The virtual dimension of fashion is an exciting future for creating vibrant, bold, virtual and physical collections. “Besides the endless creative possibilities, the virtual dimension also allows us to design a more sustainable and inclusive fashion vision that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world.” she said Ann-Sofia Johanssoncreative consultant for H&M.

The models wore dresses full of sequins, ruffles and artificial fur, which are full of colors and unique cuts. More than just a sky full of stars shines around them, but a lot of light effects underlining the uniqueness of each piece from the H&M Innovation Metaverse Design Story collection. The collection will be available from December 8 in selected stores and online.

In the meantime, you can view the images from the unique campaign here.

Source: Moda

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