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Designer Jan Černý presents his tenth collection under the name “A boy who plays with fire”

photo: courtesy of Jan Černý

In his latest work, designer Jan Černý returns to the family fireplace associated with the element of fire. Don’t play with fire is a sentence that the designer often heard in his childhood and at the same time these words became the element of flame, the main idea and symbol of the collection. Fire as the warmth of home, as well as the unbridled element and the magic of transformation. A fire that destroys and transforms into new ones at the same time.

“The collection is a celebration of my figurative play with fire and that not being afraid and stepping out of your comfort zone can pay off. At the same time, I hope that it will be an inspiration for other young people to fulfill their desires and dreams”, describes the collection’s author.

The A BOY WHO PLAYS WITH FIRE collection is divided into three parts that touch on three important areas of the beginning of human life: childhood, adolescence and becoming independent. In these three parts, Jan Černý compares a person’s life to the individual stages of fire: childhood to striking a match, growing up to a wild and unbridled fire, and adulthood to the at first glance less conspicuous but at the same time the most warming coals.

photo: courtesy of Jan Černý

The collection, which includes over 30 unisex outfits, in addition to iconic streetwear pieces, also includes developed men’s tailoring and hybrid clothing created for multiple occasions. There is a hand-made signature Rorschach bleach, which is accompanied by a completely new black and white bleach, which is created by printing the texture of an uneven industrial floor in the Jan Greenhouse Studio. Also new in Jan’s favorite manipulations with fabric is the patina of screen-printed colors on a trench coat and a workwear shirt with trousers.

Graphic artist Martin Tomáš created the print of fabrics as if they were drawn with the charcoal of fires and other seasonal graphics at the same time as the visual identity of the show. Boris Kráľ, a tailor and long-term collaborator of Jan Černý, took care of the tailoring and sharp silhouettes. In addition to the three new Prestige x Jan colorways, the collection also includes the new JAN SHOPPER BAG, and the JAN BAG leather handbag from the last show reappears. Gloves according to Jan’s design were hand-sewn by the traditional Czech company Bohemia Gloves.

In addition to typical oversized looks, silhouettes begin to taper and stretch in height, as seen in tailored coats and elongated narrow sleeves on several models. The color development of the series plays with the vibrant colors that are typical for Jan’s work, while at the same time reacting to difficult times with a much greater representation of dark colors and black.

photo: courtesy of Jan Černý

Source: Moda

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