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4 essential tips for caring for plants in the heat

Find out how to take care of plants and flowers in summer or in hot weather

OR summer it is the season linked to the beach, to holidays, to the carnival. All this heat makes the heart warmer, but plants and flowers can suffer at the time. They need differentiated treatment to avoid dryness and other harmful impacts on the health of each species. After all, not everyone does well in high temperatures. Therefore, summer requires specific care.

Here are four tips from Clóvis Souza, founder and CEO of Giuliana Flores, on caring to make your home greener and full of life!

1 . moisturize the leaves

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Due to the high summer temperatures, plants tend to lose water faster. As, spray water directly on the leaves it can help them better withstand climate change. This should be done when the sun is not too strong, in the morning or late afternoonas the reflection of the water can cause burns on the leaves or petals.

2. Water slowly

Project by Studio Auna and Studio Monfre Arquitetura.

Even if the earth becomes drier in summer, anyone who imagines that the solution is to pour that glass of water directly into the vase is wrong. The ideal right now is exactly the opposite, pour the liquid slowly or even spray.

This technique ensures that the water is absorbed more completely, spreading through the roots. With a large volume at once, the water overflows or creates a direct path to the bottom, preventing complete assimilation by the plant.

3. Avoid pruning

Project by Ammi Estúdio and Michele Carvalho.

If you expect pots with beautiful plants, avoid pruning in summer. After the procedure, the plants begin to grow and the shoots, in most cases, become more sensitive to sunlight and high temperatures. Leave to be pruned in late winter and early spring.

4. Fertilize flowers in summer

Design by Alice Costa.

With the nutrient loss associated with drought, it’s critical promote fertilization of plants during the summer. In addition, the action allows the species to have time to metabolize soil nutrients more quickly, as hotter days require more hydration. Change the earth and there will be revitalization.

Source: Terra

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