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5 tips to stay healthy this fall

Find out how to boost your immune system and protect yourself from seasonal ailments

Autumn begins on March 20, and with its arrival, some diseases can become more frequent, mainly allergies and respiratory syndromes. This happens due to a change in temperature and a drop in relative humidity. In addition, eye irritation, itching, dryness and viral diseases are also more likely to occur during the season.

“This is one of the busiest seasons for immunity. With warmer temperatures, we are less susceptible to sun exposure, which can interfere with our vitamin D levels, making us more tired and unwell. low, maintaining an active life and healthy routine can become even more difficult, directly interfering with the proper functioning of our immune system,” explains the Carol Tavaresnutritionist at Vitamine-se.

What is called the immune system refers to the set of different groups of cells, molecules and tissues that have the task of protecting the body from any threat. Immunity is the body’s ability to defend itself against harmful agents and to fight infection and disease.

To boost immunity, you probably already know the importance of consuming foods rich in vitamin C. However, other daily precautions are also needed. Below, you can find five tips to stay healthy not only during the fall season, but also throughout the year.

don’t lose your rhythm

One of the main allies for the regeneration of immune system cells is physical activity. According to studies, by practicing at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, you will already contribute significantly to your health. When you exercise, the production of stress hormone decreases and blood circulation improves, promoting the functioning of the immune system.

Maintain a balanced and colorful diet

Make very colorful meals, with lots of fruit and vegetable options. In this way you will consume a greater amount of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and polyphenols, essential for the immune cells to become even stronger. Below, you can find out how some nutrients work for our defense system:

  • C vitamin: Thanks to its antioxidant capacity, it counteracts the release of substances that cause inflammation and protects the defense cells from damage.
  • Vitamin D: It stimulates the production of antibiotic substances and the proliferation of defense cells.
  • Zinc: It also has an antioxidant action and therefore fights free radicals. Furthermore, it is important for the formation and functioning of cells of the immune system and promotes the production of anti-inflammatory substances.
  • Selenium: Like zinc, selenium plays an interesting role when it comes to fighting free radicals and decreasing the production of inflammatory substances.
  • Magnesium: For the immune system to function properly, the individual must have quality sleep. And that’s exactly why magnesium is interesting, as it helps to relax the body.
  • Yeast beta-glucan: It makes cells more “trained” to react against viruses or bacteria that come into contact with the body.

stay hydrated

Drinking water is essential for nutrients to be able to adequately meet the needs of the immune system. Furthermore, hydration is also a factor that favors the correct functioning of our lymphatic system, responsible for the elimination of waste, germs and toxins.

control stress

Did you know that prolonged stress chronically raises cortisol levels? When this happens, the immune system cannot act properly to protect the body from possible threats and diseases.

“Therefore, try to manage stress by including short breaks in your routine, as well as activities that feel good. Meditation, yoga, exercise, dinner with friends, a good book or movie, and quality time with family,” she adds. the nutritionist.

Good night’s sleep

Sleeping well offers numerous benefits for physical and mental well-being, such as tissue recovery and activation of defense cells.

On the other hand, when we don’t get enough rest, the immune system can suffer from wear and tear, making our body more susceptible to harmful invaders, as well as increasing stress hormone levels.

A tip for a good night’s sleep is to stay away from electronic devices at least two hours before going to bed.

Source: Terra

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