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Healthy eating: what is it? Frequent tips and mistakes

From an early age we have heard that it is important to have a healthy diet, but what does a healthy diet consist of? Understand!

What does it really mean to have a healthy diet?

The importance of healthy eating is something we hear from an early age. We are taught this to understand which and how much of certain foods are beneficial to our health, as well as which foods should be avoided in a healthy eating routine. However, even with all these teachings from childhood, can you explain what, in fact, a healthy diet is? Plus, do you understand why so many people have a hard time starting a better eating routine? To make this topic easier to understand, in this article you will be able to understand what a healthy diet really is and how you can improve yours. To talk in depth about this issue, Dr. Nicole Nardy, resident sports medicine physician at Santa Casa de São Paulo. Keep reading! Although there is a certain popular thought that healthy eating occurs through various dietary restrictions and tasteless foods, in reality this is nothing more than a myth. Basically, a healthy diet is characterized as one that will ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy. In addition, it is made up of varied, balanced and safe to ingest foods. Dr. Nicole Nardy explains that a healthy diet consists of foods from nature, which have as few chemical processes or refinements as possible.

“In general, preservatives, colourings, sugars and fats are added to industrialized foods to give texture, flavor and validity, often harmful to health”

, explains the sports doctor. Therefore, to exemplify, a healthy diet should have fruits, vegetables and greens in its menu, such as apples, carrots and cabbage, respectively. Also, it’s important to contain seeds, lean protein, and healthy fats.

Why do so many people have a “bad” eating routine?

Dr. Nicole Nardy comments that both cultural habits and the convenience of processed foods are two of the main factors that cause many people to have a bad eating routine. The sports doctor explains that it is a cultural habit when we go for a snack to opt for foods such as focaccia, biscuits and other industrialized foods. This habit leads you to have the habit of always preferring this type of food to eat, making it difficult for you to look for natural foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Additionally, Nardy points out that the difficulty of storing healthier foods, such as fruits and vegetables, because they spoil faster, makes many people choose not to be a part of their pantries. Consequently, your daily food.

How to improve the food?

There are several ways to start eating healthier. See some of them below:

Reduce your sugar and sodium intake

Reducing the amount of sweet foods, such as sweets, chocolates and ice creams, is one of the important factors in having a healthy diet. It is preferable to replace these types of foods with sweetened fruit in small quantities, such as mangoes, bananas or pineapples. It’s also important to reduce the amount of high-sodium foods, such as ready-made sauces, processed meats, and frozen foods. However, we must also remember that this substance is present in drinks, such as carbonated drinks and isotonic drinks, and in canned foods.

Avoid greasy and fried foods

Reducing the amount of high-fat, fried foods is another important step in improving your diet, as large consumption of these types of foods can cause cardiovascular problems, artery problems, and even cancer. If you want to prepare fried foods, it is recommended not to use oil, but rather olive oil, coconut oil or peanut oil. In relation to fatty foods, you need to pay attention to the amount of saturated fat.

Consume more natural foods

Another change needed to start improving your diet is to stop eating so many industrialized foods and consume more natural ones. Try adding foods that come from nature to your routine, such as fruits, vegetables and eggs. Dr. Nicole Nardy points out that it’s important to prepare these foods in different ways so they fit better into your diet:

“Fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy products, animal meat can be entered in different ways, such as omelettes, fruit pancakes, ‘bowls’ with vegetables, oilseeds, etc.”

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Vary your options

Each food has a different nutrient for your body. Therefore, it is important that in this process you try to vary your options within your daily diet, so that you have access to a large amount of nutrients. Also, the process of improving a diet is very challenging where many people get sick of what they half eat. Hence, you need to have several options on your menu to stay motivated.

better moisturize

The process of improving your diet is not only in the food, but also in the drinks you consume on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important to consume the recommended daily amount of water, which is 65ml for every kilogram you have. Drinking the right amount of water every day helps digest, absorb and transport nutrients. In addition, it still cooperates in the filtering of toxins, facilitates the excretion process of the body, helps in weight loss and in the fight against acne, cellulite and stretch marks. Finally, it is also important to control the amount of drinks that have an excess of sugar, such as soda, which if consumed in abundance can cause diabetes, hypertension and tooth decay.

What are the main mistakes people make when starting a new healthy eating routine?

The sports doctor warns that one of the main mistakes made by people who want to have a healthier diet is to think that zero fat, zero sugar, zero gluten, zero lactose and low carb foods are healthy foods. Nardy explains that many foods sold with these benefits are, in fact, much closer to being processed foods than a healthy alternative to your diet. What happens is that they undergo many modifications to fit these labels, making them anything but natural. Furthermore, even if many people avoid it, it is important to have carbohydrates and fats in your healthy diet, since, by ingesting those considered beneficial and in the right quantity, they are important for the body and help with the feeling of satiety. Dr. Nicole Nardy also reveals that another common mistake is the imbalance in the amount of certain foods, such as reducing the amount of foods deemed unhealthy and eating lots of fruit.

“Too much fruit isn’t healthy. Living on potatoes isn’t either. Often, incorporating a few less nutritious foods to make your diet flexible and sustainable is part of the process. All in a balanced way. Even natural foods need to be present in balanced amounts”

he claims.

What are the main tips for not committing them and being successful with the food plan?

Starting to try to eat healthier might be something you can even take the lead on yourself. However, it is beneficial to have follow-up from a professional to monitor your health more effectively. While not the most appropriate method, Dr. Nicole Nardy cautions that many people try to start eating healthier just by cutting out a lot of food. However, an investment in a skilled professional may be more beneficial.

“People often opt for ‘zero’ foods and pay more for them, and that doesn’t necessarily lead to better results. Investing in proper assessment must be a priority,”

concludes Dr. Nicholas Nardi.

Source: Terra

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