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Styles and ways of using the pouf in decoration

Versatile, the poufs can be used as a side table or side table, without losing their decorative value.

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Anyone who likes to decorate their home is always on the lookout for furniture and other decorative items. With so many worries about optimizing and thinking about the comfort of decoration, many people end up forgetting the objects that fit well into any environment and can be easily found.

This is the case with cream puffs. Versatile and functional, the pouf is the right one joker piece which can be easily transported from room to room as needed.

Casa Studio Ninho project.

According to the architect Claudia Yamadaalso partner of an architect Monique Lafuente in Studio Tan-gram, the ottoman can be used as a stool, footstool when there is no retractable sofa in the room or a coffee table. “It’s a great way to feel comfortable when watching TV, as well as being super versatile as it fits under a table, shelf or in the center of the TV room,” he says.

Beyond being and out of the obvious

In this room designed by Studio Tan-Gram, the room is very square and generous.  Two large poufs have been inserted, which in everyday life also support books and magazines.  In this case the architects have left the poufs in a very neutral tone to create a counterpoint with a sofa with a very suggestive colour.

But if you think that this type of furniture is only suitable for a living room, you are wrong. In a bedroom with armchairs, for example, poufs can be used to rest your foot.

In a dorm room that has a vanity table, the piece can serve as a seat or even a shoe topper, since it’s more malleable than a chair. In the office, you can place it under a workbench. On the terrace, the pouf can be used as a bench: place it on the sides to facilitate movement.

balance of elements

In the living room, bedroom or on the balcony, blankets and cushions add color to the furniture, create texture in the environment and are close at hand on the coldest days.  |  Design by Studio Tan-Gram

Do you prefer to use the ottoman in a different tone than the Sofa. “Because the pouffe pairs well with cushions and rugs, it’s that pop of color in the decor without adding weight — in this case, go for sofas in neutral tones. Do that as a counterpoint,” explains Monike.

Project by Fernanda Medeiros.

In addition to tonal balance, size is important to consider. For this, analyze the question of circulation without compromising on space. “If the room is more square, you can fit a larger round/square pouf. If the circulation is more rectangular, they can fit two smaller poufs.

But all this depends on the use of the residents. If the sofa is not retractable, you will need the pouf to rest your foot”, Claudia points out. If more than one person will use the room, it is interesting to have more than one pouf.

Tips on inserting the piece into the environments

With a very modern style, the poufs of this apartment by Studio Tan-Gram add a touch of color to give life to the environment.  There are two smaller ones to fit well in tighter circulation, as well as being sofa height to accommodate your feet when watching TV

In a living room, for example, how many poufs are there? It will all depend on disposition. If the room is large, place a larger central ottoman, being more fixed so people can sit on it or use it as a table. If circulation is tighter, use two smaller ones.

Project Co+Lab Juntos Arquitetura.

“If the room has a large sofa, it automatically asks for a larger pouf, otherwise it will be disproportionate. A half-square/cube pouf gives a more modern look to the room, that is, if the idea is a more modern space, with more young and hipsters, this model has everything to do with them”, sums up architect Monike.

However, if the idea is for these poufs to become stools, they should ideally be at the same height as the seat of the chairs. If the ottoman is to be used as a side table, it’s nice that it is the height of the sofa.

Mistakes in furnishing with poufs

The idea of ​​this pouf is very versatile.  The resident can use it to sit in front of the dressing table or to sit down and put on a shoe.  Additionally, the piece has a pop of color that is very different from the neutral setting.

According to the architects, the main mistakes in the decor are in the size and color. “More often than not, people want a lot of things to fit in a smaller space. Furniture that is much larger than it should be in a tight space gives the impression that the place is even smaller. ottomans end up blocking the passage, making easy locomotion impossible, becoming cramped or uncomfortable”, they comment.

Project by the Brise Architecture studio

As with sizes, people also choose to buy the cheapest colors. “There are environments that combine with white, black or very bright tones such as flag green, blood red, royal blue, but more often than not it is better to choose more muted and gray tones. Guava tone, soft green and soft blue give more elegance and make the environment less tiring”, completes Claudia Yamada.

Source: Terra

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