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10 reasons why the caramel mestizo is so loved in Brazil

Find out how this dog’s unique characteristics make him so loved by Brazilians

The caramel mongrel is a mutt (SRD) with a predominantly brown or golden coat. In Brazil, unfortunately, it is often found abandoned on the streets and in animal shelters. However, like other dogs, they can offer a lot of affection and joy to their guardians. Next, check out 10 Reasons That Make This Pet So Sweet!

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1. Representativeness

The caramel mestizo is considered a symbol of Brazil’s cultural and ethnic diversity, as it reflects the mix of dog breeds present in the country.

2. Adaptability

They are extremely adaptable dogs, able to adapt easily to different types of environments and situations.

3. Loyalty

They are known for their loyalty and for your love to tutors. Often they are real family members.

4. Intelligence

Butterscotch mongrels are highly intelligent and cunning, making them easy to train and teach commands.

The stray dog ​​usually wins people over with his playful manner

5. Charisma

He is a very charismatic and funny dog. He often wins people’s sympathy for his manner playful and lively.

6. Unique personality

Due to genetic diversity, each caramel mongrel has a different and unique personality, which makes them even more interesting and special.

7. healthyL

Also due to the diversity, it is less susceptible to the genetic diseases common in purebreds.

8. Ease of adoption

Due to the large number of candy-colored stray dogs on the streets and in shelters, this is relatively easy to do to adopt one as a pet.

9. Energetic animal

He tends to be very active and energetic and can adapt well to different environments and situations.

10. Solidarity

Adopting a caramel mutt can be seen as an act of solidarity and social responsibility, helping to reduce the amount of animals abandoned and helpless on the streets.

Source: Terra

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