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Canela gets a museum with NASA items and rocket replicas

Space Adventure showcases everything from space suits to personal hygiene items for astronauts, plus simulators, planetarium and 4D cinema

Space Adventure, which has already been to the Shopping Eldorado in São Paulo as a temporary exhibition, has opened its doors as a permanent museum in Canela. The collection, made up of original objects used in NASA missions and replicas of rockets and space capsules, now has its permanent location in Avenida Don Luiz Guanella, right at the entrance to the city and therefore also very close to neighboring Gramado. A VT extension was present during the opening of the space on May 10th.

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The tour began with the projection of an eight-minute video, which tells the sound of the events that led man to the moon rocket man by Elton John. Then I went to a room where more than 300 objects that were part of the daily life of astronauts are exhibited, such as helmets, boots and space suits, canned meals and even personal hygiene items. There are also replica rockets.

The next space recreates Houston’s command room, complete with an original countdown timer and control table. It is then that the exhibition takes on an even more engaging character. After going through a simulator that feels like taking an elevator to the top of a rocket ship, I entered a 4D cinema that simulates the moon landing. The next environment reproduced the Moon itself: there is a full-size replica of the Apollo Lunar Module and the Roving, a sort of four-wheeled vehicle that astronauts used to travel around the natural satellite.

The last room is dedicated to future NASA missions. This is the case of the Artemis project, which aims to bring the first woman and the first black person to the moon in 2024, and the Mars exploration program. The latter still doesn’t have an expected release date, but NASA has already designed the ideal outfit for the mission: there’s a mannequin dressed in an orange overalls and a touch screen that explains that the color was chosen not because corresponds to the planet , but to facilitate the rescue of astronauts in case they have to dive into the ocean. This part of the museum in Cinnamon it was also inside St. Paulbut it was exhibited separately in the Santander Lighthouse.

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Check out, in the reels below, a complete tour of the environments of Space adventure:


Where? OR Space adventure is located on Avenida Don Luiz Guanella, 960. It is next to the Fashion museum and in front of Steam world, near the Canela entrance. There is on-site parking (R$25 per day).

When? Every day, from 9:00 to 17:00. The average duration of the visit is 1h30.

How much? Tickets for the exhibition cost R$100 (whole) and R$50 (half). But there are other on-site activities that have to be paid separately: the gyroscope (R$ 25) simulates the force of gravity on the astronaut’s body, while the planetarium (full R$ 60 and half R$ 30) and glasses of virtual reality (R$ 15) simulates a landing on the moon. Tickets can be purchased through the Space Adventure website or at the local box office.

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Source: Terra

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