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SPFW: Meninos Rei brings together the globals in an inclusive parade

The incensed brand Meninos Rei has taken the “Pop Ancestral” collection, carrying the legacies of the ancestors with the future in mind. The afrofuturism proposed by the brothers Céu and Júnior Rocha arrived with the globals on the catwalk: the ex BBB Marvvila, Manoel Soares, Samuel Assis, from “Vai na Fé”, in an inclusive show, with models of all silhouettes, as well as Down syndrome, legless, elderly.

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All this to demonstrate that fashion is for everyone, without distinction. Even more so with the clothes proposed by the Bahian brothers of the Subúrbio Ferroviário of Salvador. The singer and presenter of Saia Justa also passed on the catwalk Larissa Luzsinging Elza SoaresFurthermore Astrid Fontenella and his son Gabriele Fontenelle.

Astrid Fontenelle and her son Gabriel Meninos Rei on the catwalk

Wide and narrow shapes in the same look, as shown by Marvvillacame in powerful colorful prints, which are the trademark of king boysmixed with animalier and others in black and white.

Marvvila in the procession of Meninos Rei

“In ‘Pop Ancestral’, volumes and asymmetrical cuts give sensuality to the tailoring which is in a modern language and which passes through the street style so present in the brand”, said Junior Rocha. All this without neglecting the African heritage.

Samuel Assis and Manoel Soares at the Meninos Rei fashion show

Source: Terra

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