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Grife brings Pocah, Liniker, Majur to talk about skin color

Bahian stylists Hisan Silva and Pedro Batalha, of the Dendezeiro brand, continue with their work called “Cor de Pele”, which researches the various nuances of tones in Brazil, transporting them in the tones of the raw materials they use in their clothes. In this Friday’s show (26), at SPFW, the brand once again used the various shades of brown. And he took the former BBB Little AND Gabriel Santanain addition to trans singers linkers AND Greater for what.

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“Skin Color is a research project by Dendezeiro that celebrates the diversity of skin tones, not in a romantic way, but by trying to bring a new imaginary to black, indigenous, racialized people about their perception of their own body and the its color,” said Pedro Batalha.

Liniker at the Dendezeiro fashion show

The winter they propose becomes heavy, with duvets, leather garments, lighter fabrics and a rich workmanship that recalls tapestry, created by the artist Renan Estivan, which consists in manually arranging tufts of wool on a canvas, creating designs. Images of superimposed faces in various skin tones were created in the parade. The result can be seen, for example, in the skirt modeled by Greater. The work of these young creators from Minas Gerais is worth following.

Majur at the Dendezeiro parade

Gabriel Santana at the Dendezeiro parade

Oil palm parade

Oil palm parade

Oil palm parade

Source: Terra

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