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MIT architect (and skater) launches skate shoes with Converse CONS!

Alexis Sablone, architect, artist and athlete created the AS-1 PRO with Converse CONS. She is the first female professional model for the brand.

Converse CONS, the skate division of Converse, has just launched the first model signed by Alexius Sabloneor AS-1 PRO. This is the brand’s first female professional model in all of history and it can’t be said that Alexis is just a skater who brought skate influences to her product. Your resume says so much more.

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Common Masters of Architecture at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Alexis brings to her career a background that goes beyond references from the world of skateboarding. She is a designer, illustrator, architect and multi-artist, as well as being a skater.

In architecture, he is responsible, for example, for the concept and design of a skateable structure in Malmo, Sweden, for the Lady in the Square event, held in 2018 or for the Garden of Skatable Fruits, New Jersey, in 2023 .

Another point that he connected with architecture and art in his life was the launch of the AS-1 PRO, which took place last April 25, 2023, at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, in New York. Alexis was the first person to skate inside the museum and also the first to launch a skateboard product inside.


For Alexis, “in a way this is what an architect should do, transform the way people move in a space and that’s exactly what skateboarding does, it changes the way you see your surroundings and suddenly there’s an imaginary potential that didn’t exist before.” .

Before the party kicked off, Alexis took part in a conversation brokered by Converse executives, skateshop owners across the US, members of the Harold Hunter Foundation, and part of the Converse All Stars team. Alongside Alexis was American director Jeremy Elkin. He is the director of “All The Streets Are Silent”, a documentary about hip-hop culture and the growth of the New York skate scene in the late 80s and early 90s, his story as a skater and of his relationship with architecture, culminating in the launch at the Guggenheim.

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Manufactured with life on and off the skateboard in mind, the AS-1 PRO is aesthetically inspired and Technique of the 80s Converse basketball and court silhouettesleveraging the brand’s innovative performance solutions to present an offer that shines through its details.

According to Alexis, the inspiration came from Converse basketball and skate shoes from the 1990s. “I wanted to create a simple shoe with styles and designs that take me back to the time I grew up skating.”


This shoe is Converse’s first performance skate shoe to feature a cupdesigned exclusively for the boardfeel and for comfort in and out of sessions. Built with a newly developed core dubbed “Grasshopper” integrated into the outsole, it allows for greater cushioning on impacts and an optimized board feel – the visible herringbone outsole has also been refined to Alexis’ specifications to help optimize grip on the sandpaper.

The silhouette features a CX foam footbed for impact cushioning and with height adjustable rubber on the sides, the AS-1 PRO is able to meet the needs of all types of skaters.

About Alexis Sablone

Alexis Sablone is an American professional skateboarder from Connecticut who, at the age of 36, signs the first pro model of a woman in Converse.

She was the oldest athlete to compete in street skateboarding at the last Tokyo Olympics, placing fourth, but despite this feat, her career as a lead skater and her career outside of skateboarding as well stand out the most. Alexis is a professional skateboarder, Olympic athlete, architect, sculptor, painter, producer and, among other signifiers, an infinitely curious creator.

In addition to skateboarding, Alexis has an academic career, having earned a master’s degree in architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Alexis Sablone has been part of the Converse team since 2019. In these 4 years he has already signed colorways for the One Star Pro, Jack Purcell and Louie Lopez Pro models, and has also participated in campaigns such as PRIDE, in 2019 and 2021 AS-1 PRO is the first professional model from Alexis by Converse and has a worldwide launch scheduled for May 2, 2023.

The AS-1 PRO will be available in Brazil from May 10, on converse.com.br and in the best skateshops. The first color to work with is white and green leather.

Source: Terra

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