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Isabeli Fontana gives 2 pieces of advice to her son before his debut on the catwalk

The story of Isabeli Fontana, her son Zion (20 years old) and Amir Slama starts from afar. The top model reveals that the boy, who made his debut as a catwalk model this Saturday (16th), on the occasion of the presentation of the pre-summer 2024 collection, called Must, had already walked the swimsuit designer’s catwalk even before he was born.

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“I modeled for Amir when I was 2 months pregnant, my belly showed a little. Then, when he was 1 and a half years old, he walked the runway with me. Amir has always been very present in our lives,” she recalled the 40 top models aged 18. In this baby parade, both were accompanied by Álvaro Jacomussi, Sion’s father and Isabeli’s partner at the time.

Despite working as a model in the countryside, Zion had never been a model growing up. And to “debut” on the catwalk he said he followed two pieces of advice that his mother gave him to the letter. “I have a name to defend, right?,” Sion joked.

Sion Fontana

“One of them was to step firmly onto the catwalk. And the other was to relax his expression and his gaze,” said the boy, together with his mother, after the show at the Hotel Tívoli Mofarrej, located in Jardins, in St. Paul. Isabeli left the catwalk for the public, together with her other son, Lucas, 16 years old, the result of her relationship with Henri Castelli. When her son stepped onto the catwalk, the “big mom” continued to photograph him (as in the photo that opens this article).

“Showing is something out of this world, I was very nervous, but with the crowd cheering, I managed to capture everyone’s energy. It was overflowing with joy at that moment,” said, who made two appearances on Amir’s catwalk Slama. The first was with a t-shirt and printed fabric pants with a bather, and in the second, another black blouse with several bathers “coming out” of a zippered opening, like a sash, paired with shorts.

Isabeli Fontana, Zion, Renata Kuerten and Lorena

More children

Renata Kuerten’s 11-month-old daughter Lorena watched her mother return to the catwalk, with a flawless body, in the lap of her father, businessman Bete Senna. Renata opened the show with a swimsuit decorated with resin and metal, from 2007, and a cape with prints of current bathers.

Renata Kuerten

Then he made two more notes. One with a handcrafted swimsuit and the other with a black background and current prints.

Beto Senna and Lorena, husband and daughter of Renata Kuerten

The presenter Luciana Gimenez She closed the presentation with black pants, a long shirt and top, with a polka dot print decorated with swimsuits and green details.

Luciana Gimenez

Influencers and other celebrities also walked the Amir Slama catwalk, along with professional models.

Source: Terra

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