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5 tips to protect your home from scorpions during the breeding season

Specific insecticides for crawling insects and greater hygiene in outdoor environments are some of the measures to prevent poisonous infections at home.

August and September are the breeding months for scorpionsleading to the proliferation of animals, especially in tropical and subtropical regions, and pushing them to search surfaces more. It is also during this period that females have a higher concentration of venom.. It is therefore worth strengthening protection against crawling insects in the house during this period to avoid unpleasant surprises.

To avoid accidents, Elvis Barretoresearch and development manager at Industrial Reckittmanufacturer of the SBP brand, offers five tips that can help you keep your home free from insects.

Pay particular attention to cleaning

Paying attention to the hygiene of external and internal environments makes the difference in eliminating insects, poisonous and otherwise. If you have a garden at home, removing accumulations of wood, stones and debris is one way to avoid scorpions taking up residence.

It is also important not to accumulate waste or exposed food inside the house, as this prevents the presence of cockroaches, which serve as food for scorpions.

Cover drains and inlets

Keeping bathroom drains, laundry areas, and kitchen sinks or sinks closed can also prevent the pet from entering your home. It is also recommended to cover the gaps in the door to keep it away from the interior area.

Sewer maintenance

If you have access to your home’s wastewater trap and grease trap, it’s important to get into the habit of maintaining it. Regular attention prevents scorpions from hiding there during the day, as they usually come out to hunt at night.

Care of furniture and clothing

Scorpions can use fabrics to climb onto a bed or sofa. Moving the bed away from the wall and making sure that blankets, sheets and quilts do not touch the floor can avoid surprises during the night. It is also important to always check your shoes before wearing them.


Regular application of insecticides helps control the scorpion population in the area. Look for an insecticide suitable for crawling pests – that is, cockroaches, spiders, sugar ants and especially scorpions – to quickly eliminate these pests. Remembering that, to guarantee correct application, it is necessary to check the instructions for use on the packaging.

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All scorpions are venomous, but each sting affects the human body differently, depending on the amount injected at the time of the sting and the species of scorpion. Therefore, if you come into contact with the animal, consult a doctor immediately to assess the risks.

Source: Terra

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