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66-5 on CANAL+: What does the title of the series with Alisa Isaazi mean?

Warning fans of the legal series: CANAL+ will broadcast the first two episodes of 66-5 this Monday, September 18, at 9 p.m., its new original creation starring Alice Isaez, who thus takes on her first starring role since joining the series. Last year of the Choir of Notre Dame casting, La Part du Feu on Netflix.

Created by Anne Landois (Engrenages, La Promesse), in collaboration with Audrey Fouche, 66-5 follows the journey of 32-year-old Roxanne, who works as a lawyer with her husband Samuel Bauer at the prestigious Parisian business firm Bauer and Associates. When her husband is accused of rape, the cabinet bans him from working during the investigation. But Roxanne doesn’t want to give up her career and agrees to take the case to Bobin’s court to help her childhood friend Yasmin.

This experience allowed him to pursue his deepest desire: to become a criminal lawyer. In the neighborhood she had to leave at the age of 15, Roxana must face her past and find those who escaped: the thugs of her neighborhood.

By the way, what does the title of the new Canal+ series mean?

66-5, which also includes Raphael Aklock, Nailia Harzune and Eric Pucheu (Vortex), presents the world of Justice in all its complexity, all its contradictions and all its limitations. At the same time, painting a portrait of a woman in search of emancipation, who, thanks to the new profession of a criminal lawyer, rebuilds herself while meeting the ghosts of her past.

Rather cryptically, the title of the series actually refers to Article 66-5 of the Law of December 31, 1971, which regulates the professional secrecy of the lawyer and explains that this confidentiality also covers the consultations that the lawyer gives to his client. As indicated by a correspondence or even an interview with him.

“When we’re talking about a criminal lawyer, when we’re talking about the attorney-client relationship, the most important thing is the confidentiality of the exchange. That’s why this title stood out.”Explains Anna Landau’s title 66-5. “Plus, because it’s pretty cryptic, we’re like, ‘Hey, what does that mean?'” The title is never explained in the series, but there are a lot of things that are never explained. Explained, which are used in small steps”.

Before being so named, the new CANAL+ series, directed by Alisa Isaez, had several other working titles, including A Vif and D├ęsordres. Titles that ultimately made the series less representative of its creator.

“The headlines understated what 66-5 had become”Entrusts Anne Landua to our microphone. “We often work with working titles. Sometimes, when the series ends, we realize how far we’ve come when we can’t keep the titles from the beginning.”.

Broadcast every Monday at 9pm on CANAL+ with two episodes a week, 66-5 is also available on demand on myCANAL.

Source: Allocine

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