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In Fazenda: who do the stars think will take Paiol’s place?

It’s time for the public to choose who deserves to join A Fazenda forever. Find out who takes Paiol’s place according to the stars!

The reality show”The farm” is on fire and Paiol has already welcomed its ten residents for a thrilling preview. Now it’s time for the public to choose who deserves to join the program’s home once and for all. With five men and five women in the running, the question that is not What we want to remain silent about is: who will win the coveted Paiol place? Let’s go, therefore, to the stars, let’s explore the astrological characteristics of the participants to try to decipher this unknown!

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In Fazenda: astrological analysis of the Paiol participants

Alicia X

Like Pisces, Alicia brings with her the empathy and sensitivity typical of this sign. Your ability to adapt to different situations can be an asset in a varied environment like A Fazenda.

Black Cezar

Another Pisces, Cezar Black, has a fertile imagination and can be a strategic player, using a lot of his intuition and ability to understand emotions.

Eric Ricarte

Geminis like Erick are known for their versatility and effective communication. Your ability to adapt to different people and situations can be a strategic advantage during A Fazenda.

Igor Freitas

Igor, of the sign of Sagittarius, is a influencer which can bring optimism and fun to the group. Your adventurous nature can make you a courageous competitor in the reality.

JP Venâncios

Taureans like JP are persistent and determined. Your inner strength can be an asset when facing the challenges of the program.

Lumena Alleluia

Lumena is an Aries with a strong personality and authenticity. Her determination could make her fight until the end for her place at A Fazenda.

Nadja Pessoa

Virgos are detail-oriented and practical, and Nadja brings her influence and business skills to the table.


Shayan, a Capricorn, is determined and disciplined. His experience as a former A Fazenda participant could make him a strong competitor.

Deboche Sun

Sol do Deboche, another competing Aries, is known for her good humor and contagious energy. Your spontaneity can win over the audience.

Quandody Tavares

Whendy, also an Aries, is an expanic with a great power of seduction. Your energy can stand out in the challenges of reality The farm.

In Fazenda: according to the stars, who accepts the job?

While the competition for the Paiol of “A Fazenda” continues at full speed, an intriguing astrological analysis leads us to reflect on who could win one of the coveted places. Based on participants’ sun signs, we can explore some interesting astrological perspectives that could influence the audience’s choice.

Nadja Pessoa

Nadja is a Virgo and both the Sun and Mercury are in Virgo. This can have an advantage, as Virgo energy is known for its practicality and attention to detail. Your ability to deeply analyze situations can captivate your audience. Therefore, it is our main bet.

Alicia X

Alicia is a Pisces and Pisces is the complementary sign of Virgo, the sign in which the Sun and Mercury are found. Therefore she also has a big advantage over the other participants and should take second place female.

Black Cezar

Cezar Black is also a Pisces, just like Alicia X. Therefore, according to our astrological analysis, he should fill one of the male vacancies.

JP Venanzio

Virgo, the sign where the Sun and Mercury meet, is a sign of the Earth element, as are Taurus (sign of JP Venâncios) and Capricorn (sign of Shayan). However, since Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is in the sign of Taurus, JP Venâncios is our bet to fill the other male vacancy.

Continue following “A Fazenda” to find out who will fill the vacant positions

Remember that astrology is a tool for entertainment and self-knowledge and that the final result depends on the audience and other factors of the game. Continue following “A Fazenda” to find out who will fill Paiol’s place and compete for the R$1.5 million prize!

Source: Terra

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