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Find out if you will have love challenges in your astrological year

We tell you which transits that appear in the birth chart (Solar Return) can indicate breakups or problems in love

No one wants to deal with problems in love, breakups or betrayals, but we eventually deal with them. Being prepared for this can help things go more smoothly. Therefore, below we tell you which astrological transits can indicate love challenges in your astrological year.

Your personal astrological year is the one that begins on your birthday and ends on your next birthday. And the forecast for this period is calculated from the map of Solar returnbased on our birth data and where we spent our birthday each year.

This map indicates the major trends of your 365-day cycle and the bias towards our attitudes and our responses to them. Therefore, through the Solar Return, we have been able to list a number of probabilities for our current moment, including love, which is the theme here.

How to analyze your forecasts

When we talk about astrological predictions I always start from the following precept: a planet does not just mean an agent, a Astrological house does not just mean an area of ​​our life, and a sign does not have just one characteristic.

Therefore, a certain appearance or point on a map will not just result in a certain event. In this sense we will present some of them to you indications in the chart of our Solar Return that may indicate some tensions or challenges in love.

Create your own Solar Return map for free here. So, see if you have any of the points and themes that indicate tensions in love in our astrological year that we have listed below.

But it is worth highlighting that there are other factors on the map that will indicate the extent to which these tensions may materialize. When in doubt, seek out a professional astrologer to help you better forecast your astrological year.

Aspects that indicate love challenges in the astrological year

Mars or Saturn in the seventh house

Mars can indicate struggles, closures and cuts, while Saturn is linked to limitations, barriers and demands. Therefore, it may happen that problems arise in our relationships if we have them planets present in the seventh house in his Solar Return, because it talks about marriages and serious relationships.

Venus or Moon in the eighth or twelfth house

How these Houses speak of hidden enemies (House 12) and closures (House 8), we may see relationships that need to take a break or some hard-to-swallow truths being exposed during your personal astrological year.

Moon and Venus in square or opposition to each other

These planets talk about how the themes of our emotional one (Moon) AND affection, pleasure and love (Venus) In the personal astrological year, when they are in tension (square or opposition), we can experience annoyances, struggles, distances and even endings.

Furthermore, most of the time, we can perceive some level of indecision regarding the direction of the relationship or the feelings of both or one of the parties.

This indecision can be about the relationship itself, the people involved in your emotional life, and even betrayal or suspicion of someone. There may also be issues with attachment to the past and confused emotional needs/desires.

Moon and/or Venus conjunct, square or opposite Saturn and/or Mars

As we mentioned previously, Saturn and Mars can be indicators of an obstacle and when they are in tension with planets that speak of feelings and affections (Moon and Venus), they can signal challenges.

For example, it may demonstrate a difficulty in accessing and expressing feelings or limitations in experiencing what we desire. It may also indicate that the affective area is experienced in a controlling or unhealthy way.

There are still chances of being hurt, fear of abandonment or rejection, coldness, intolerance, dissatisfaction, loneliness or disappointment.

Moon and/or Venus conjunct, square or opposite Neptune and/or Pluto

AS Neptune is an indicator of illusions and deceptionAND Pluto, of revelations and completionsa tension between Moon and Venus with these planets can precisely indicate challenges in love according to their respective meanings.

Planet that rules the seventh house in challenging aspects

The ruling planet of House 7 This is what the sign in this Chamber represents. Just as we have described for the Moon and Venus, tense aspects with planets mentioned in other topics can indicate what movements will be like within relationships.

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Nai Tomayno ([email protected])

– Astrologer and holistic therapist, works as a facilitator of (re)connections aimed at healing, using the astral map as the main tool. Trained in crystal healing, Magnifid Healing and a practitioner of natural magic, she is an expert in combining this knowledge and alternative therapies with the needs of the map.

Source: Terra

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