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Sustainability: The showroom is made with dry construction and MDF panels

The Guararapes showroom brings thermal comfort, energy saving, incidence of natural light, acoustic balance and connection with nature

Guararapes opens its third showroom, focusing on sustainability, customer experience and connection with nature. Casa Guararapes has 600 m2 and is based in the largest MDF factory in the Americas, in Caçador (SC).


“The idea for Casa Guararapes was born with the expansion of the factory. We have the largest MDF factory in the Americas and now it is even more complete, with this new space to present our products and welcome visitors. From the beginning, we thought about a project with O least possible impact on natureWe therefore count on the experience of UGreen, the world’s leading office in sustainable construction. The entire process, from research to construction of the House, took two years and, as a result, we have a space that complements thermal comfort, energy saving, incidence of natural light, acoustic balance and connection with nature“, explains Humberto Oliveira, Sales and Marketing Director of Guararapes.

Responsible for the architectural conception, interior design and simultaneous sustainability consultancy, UGreen carried out more than two thousand simulations for the project, seeking the best guidance for construction. The architecture was created by Filippo Boni and interior design of Flavia Kloss. The landscape designed by Luciane Galvaoit is a daily invitation to contemplation and connection with nature.


An in-depth climate analysis was carried out, trying to obtain all the data from the region that could guide the project, such as solar radiation, air temperature, winds and humidity. The architectural project researched the ideal proportions of windows per wall, shading, properties of glass, walls, floor and roofresulting in a building that combines form, function and performance, taking into account user comfort and energy savings over time.


“A Casa Guarapes Caçador demonstrates the brand positioning not only with the delivery of quality products, but also with a new architecture, which puts performance, the user and the planet at the center of the equation. These benefits reach the architect class, passing through the suppliers and reaching the end user, being an agent of change”, specifies Boni. Next year UGreen will start the LEED O+M Certification process.


Casa Guararapes Caçador has natural ventilation, reaches a thermal comfort rate of 80%. all year round and the bright spaces guarantee visual comfort. The work followed the concept of dry constructionwhich does not use water during its construction, the showroom was created with the brand’s materials, internal coverings in plywood and MDF.


Those who visit the site will find the products and history of Guararapes, MDF in large formats, a step-by-step demonstration of the plywood and MDF production process, a meeting room, a wine cellar, a gourmet area and a conference space.

Detail of the organically shaped sofa, also made with MDF panels.

“We have developed a perfect environment to welcome customers and suppliers, which will be a meeting point for carpentry, architecture and design professionals from all over Brazil. Furthermore, we have our doors open and we want to welcome the local community, schools and universities”, comments Oliveira.


At Casa Guararapes Caçador the public will be able to see the brand’s new products and launches up close. The venue operates with scheduled times via the website casa.guararapes.com.br/show-room.

Source: Terra

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