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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: What’s in store for Wednesday 29 November 2023 episode 1567 [SPOILERS]


Wednesday 29 November Tomorrow belongs to us…

Eloise was eventually arrested by the police

Despite the attempts to kill her and her sister, Eloise was found in time by the night nurse. The twins are not in danger, each in a separate room.

The next morning, handcuffed to the bed, Eloise receives a visit from Aaron. The latter informs him that he will definitely be handed over at the end of the day when the police take him away. Indeed, Martin continues to arrest him for murder, attempted murder, fraud, identity theft, and invasion of privacy.

Meanwhile, Bart feels guilty that he didn’t see anything and didn’t listen to Sarah when she became suspicious. Her best friend points out that Eloise managed to fool everyone and that she was simply blinded by love. Bart fears for his future with Adele. Sara is sure that they will be able to overcome this ordeal together in time.

As soon as Adele wakes up, Bart visits her. they kiss Adele says she was thinking about him. Bart then reveals what happened while he was in the coma; How Eloise took his place and how he believed everyone, including him.

Later, Karim questions Eloise to find out the reasons behind her actions. He explains that he could not bear to be separated from his twin. Karim replies that according to the law no one has the right to life or death over anyone.

In turn, Martin questions Adele. She says that despite herself, she gave her sister enough material to find her identity: when they were little, they practiced having the same handwriting. And on the first evening they saw each other again, Adele told him her whole life in detail. However, Adele feels she can’t file a lawsuit against the twins for identity theft. Either way, Martin explains that Eloise will be in prison for a very long time for everything she did.

At the police station, Sarah tells Roxanne how guilt-ridden Bart is. They hope that he will succeed in overcoming this ordeal with Adele. Sarah and Roxanne agreed to support them as much as possible.

Eloise was released in the evening. Accompanied by a police officer, she crosses the corridor where she meets Adele, Bart and Sarah. A few steps later, Eloise stops herself to steal the policeman’s revolver. Standing up, he points the gun at Bart while Sarah takes aim. Adele is torn between her sister and her companion. He provokes Eloise and orders her to kill him once and for all…

Georges is worried about Melody

At the police station, Karim and Nordin question Georges about the progress of his relationship with Melody. The latter actually encourages him by texting him to do a gym session, but Georges is going to decline because he’s not feeling it. However, his colleagues encouraged him to agree. Nordin grabs George’s phone to get Melody’s appointment for him.

Later, Nordin gives his sports equipment to Georges. He is on the verge of canceling his date with Melody. To convince him to leave, Nordin confides in him that Karim is ready to try his luck with a young woman.

So George finds Melody on the beach for their sports session. The physical education teacher prepared a program tailored to his foot. Throughout the session, George hides the melody that his simple exercises require a lot of effort. But he holds back because he appreciates the young woman’s contact.

Back at the police station, George tells Nordin about his date. He admits to being embarrassed that he feels so sore after a seemingly simple workout. Besides, Georges is still convinced that Melody is not interested in him. As for him, he admits that he worries.

Benjamin was hired at the hospital

At the spoon, Nathan reveals to Charlie his fear that they will lose touch when he is in Canada. He actually has the impression that everyone but him is moving forward. Charlie reassures her, confident that she will find a way eventually.

At the hospital, Marian brings Benjamin in the hope that he will return to his job as a pediatrician. However, this is not included in his plans at all. Mariana manages to convince him to work for a maximum of two weeks, which he accepts.

In the break room, Benjamin meets Soizic and notices that he is in a bad mood. She explains to him that she can’t stand the idea of ​​Françoise going to Canada, certain that he will not accept her feelings for him.

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