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Healthy Aging: 5 Wellness Tips for Seniors

The aging of the population is a reality all over the world, especially in Brazil. This is why taking care of your health at this stage is so important.

The aging population is a global trend, and in Brazil it is no different. Estimates indicate that by 2050, the number of elderly people in the country will rise from 31 million to 60 million, equal to almost 30% of the population, indicates the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

And we all know that there is no way to escape aging, but it is possible to experience it in the healthiest way, with practices that maintain a high quality of life. With this in mind, physiotherapist Mario Chueire gives some advice for maintaining health in old age. Watch:

Tips for healthy living as you age

Regular physical activity: Maintaining an active lifestyle is essential, Mario emphasizes. Therefore, walking, low-impact exercises and strength exercises are excellent options for maintaining muscle mass and physical conditioning.

Balanced diet: According to the professional, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and fiber helps maintain good health.

Mental activities: Exercising your brain is as important as your body. Therefore, mental games, reading and continuous learning are recommended practices.

Socialization: According to the professional, maintaining social connections is vital for well-being. “Participation in groups, clubs or community activities can promote mental health. Being with family and friends, going to the cinema, for example, can make a huge difference,” he says.

Importance of physiotherapy in old age

In addition to these attitudes, older adults can seek help from physical therapy to restore mobility and function, relieve chronic pain and prevent injuries.

“Aging is not a limitation, but rather an opportunity to explore life differently. With exercises personalized for older adults and adapted to their individual needs,” says Mario.

It is worth remembering that having a muscle reserve is equivalent to having a sort of “savings” for the future, guaranteeing a good quality of life during aging, concludes the specialist.

Source: Terra

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