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5 restaurants and bars for end-of-year meetings in Sao Paulo

Discover packages to bring friends and work colleagues together (with prices!)

With year-end celebrations in mind, São Paulo restaurants are preparing to serve diverse groups, from family gatherings to corporate gatherings to reunions between longtime friends. OR Boteco São Bento, São Conrado Bar, O Brazeiro Morumbithe Japanese restaurant Sassa Sushi and the Italian one Zena They offer packages at fixed prices and according to the request of each group for the celebrations. Below, more information on the houses, services, opening times and related packages and contacts for appointments.


OR Boteco São Bento It has a large room to accommodate large groups looking for a relaxing meeting place. The package, worth R$ 270 per person and 10% on the service, lasts 4 hours, between 7pm and 11pm. SFive unlimited snacks are served, which can be chosen at the time of booking. Snacks available are fried cassava, French fries, mixed pastry, meat croquettes, beef short rib dumplings, pumpkin dumplings with dried meat, carpaccio canapés, chicken legs with catupiry, crispy chicken fillets served with curry sauce and tomato toast (with fresh cherry tomatoes, basil and olive oil) or São Bento (with apricot jam, raw ham and brie cheese).

The package also includes all non-alcoholic drinks – water, juices and soft drinks – and some alcoholic ones. Quotes must be requested via email [email protected] or using the form on the website www.botecosaobento.com.br.



Part of the Saints Group, in addition to Boteco São Bento, the Bar São Conrado also carries the same packet format, worth R$270 per person, duration 4 hours, to celebrate the end of the year. In it, the customer must choose five snacks, including: French fries, fried polenta, cod pie, rib pie, feijoada pie, rice pie, stuffed mini coxinha, mixed pastry, carpaccio canapés, crispy chicken (breaded, served with curry sauce), brie tostadas with parmesan and red fruit jelly and buffalo ricotta tostadas with roasted cherry tomatoes. The drinks include water, juices and soft drinks, as well as alcoholic beverages, to be drunk at will throughout the celebration. Quotes must be requested via email [email protected] or using the form on the website www.saoconradobar.com.br.

THE Brazier


This year, The Brazier highlights its packages for gatherings at the Morumbi restaurant and offers three types of packages, all lasting 3 hours and including unlimited drinks, including still and sparkling water, fruit juices, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. The first package, happy hour style, includes homemade snacks, such as rice cakes, chicken nuggets, squares of polenta, mixed pastries, fried chicken and sausage for starters, and the costs R$160 per person.

The other two package proposals, more complete and very similar, include snacks of mixed pastries and rice cakes, and traditional grilled ones, accompanied by mixed salad, biro biro rice, polenta and chips, in addition to the classic desserts, pudding and chocolate. mousse. In package number 1, the grilled foods available are chicken and sausage and cost R$180 per person. In package number 2, the grilled meats are chicken and mixed skewers, at a cost of R$ 210 per person. The house service, for each of the packages, is 13%. Reservations can be made via telephone (11 33687537) and WhatsApp (11 983994209) from the O Brazeiro Morumbi unit.



This year the S sushi complete 20 years of Japanese cuisine. The packages, intended for groups of at least ten people, are the Isakaya, Okosho and Akasaka menus, with with prices per person of R$270, R$300 and R$350, respectively. All drinks include a variety of drinks, including juices, soft drinks, water, beers and mixed drinks.

Among the portions offered in the Isakaya menu, the customer can choose five, which are served as much as he wants. Some of the options are salmon and pork gyoza, harumakis, truffled shimeji and shitake with egg yolk, salmon dyo, burnt salmon parcel with asparagus, vegetable or ricotta robata. On the Okosho menu, customers can choose three entree options and a combination of vegetarian, chef, master, dtyle or low carb. In the Akasaka Menu, in addition to the three portions of appetizer and a combo, you can include a dessert from the menu, such as the black sesame ice cream with blackberry flambé sauce and pistachio praline, the burnt lemon cake in the cup or the chocolate five cake layers.

Complete packages are available on the website https://www.sassasushi.com.br/fimdeano and reservations at the Itaim restaurant can be made by calling WhatsApp (11 965891374) .



The restaurant Zena, located in Jardins, has a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere to welcome groups passionate about Italian cuisine. Under the leadership of chef Carlos Bertolazzi and businessman Dudu Pereira, the restaurant offers two menu options to customers. The first, The Zena menu costs R$200 per person and includes a starter, a main course and a dessert. Starter options are soft egg and truffle (boiled egg, crunchy bread, pecorino foam and black truffle) or house focaccia al cheese (very thin focaccia dough filled with a mix of cheeses). As a second course, the traditional zena gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce, basil fondue and stracchino or cod in zimino (cod fillet with spinach cream, potatoes, eggs, onions and olives). For dessert, the choices are cannoli filled with chocolate and hazelnuts or with dulce de leche and delicate pieces of banana, or the saffron pannacotta with dark chocolate and orange (a flan of saffron milk cream, dark chocolate cream and orange ). In this package the service and all types of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are paid separately.

Already inside Premium Menu, priced at R$250 per person, Customers can choose an entrée, including coxinha de pork, featuring pork ribs, tomato bruschetta with mozzarella and basil (slice of Italian bread with mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil) or the house ‘Cheese’ focaccia (very thin focaccia filled with a mix of cheeses). The second courses are zena gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce, basil and stracchino fondue; fillet or chicken Milanese or parmigiana (grilled fillet mignon with stracchino cream and rustic potatoes or chicken breast fillet with puree or green salad); Costeletta alla Milanese (breaded pork chops, with rocket salad and grana padano flakes); or meatloaf stuffed with mozzarella, accompanied by fettuccine seasoned with butter and sage. For dessert, in this menu the choice is between the aforementioned cannoli, pannacotta or rosemary chocolate spumone (chocolate mousse scented with rosemary oil).

The Premium menu includes three beers or three glasses of wine, for each dish and tasting, per person. The service is charged separately. Reservations can be made by telephone and WhatsApp (11) 96195-8148.

Source: Terra

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