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Is an anxiety attack normal when meeting for the first time?

The young man says he had an anxiety attack after giving the girl her first kiss

My girlfriend and I were kissing for the first time. After the kiss I had an anxiety attack and she helped me. Then, a few minutes later, we had our second kiss and I no longer had anxiety attacks. Is it normal or not?

Especially at the beginning of your sex life or when you meet someone new, you can become very distressed, very stressed, very anxious and end up having an anxiety attack. This feeling is never good, it is an unpleasant and distressing sensation.

I’m happy that it passed, that it helped you, and that you were able to build intimacy, or self-confidence when you’re with your partner, and then the second time it was fine.

From what you say, everything will probably go smoothly next time too. And if this happens again, or still bothers you, you can write again or ask for help.

But, I repeat: this happening the first time you’re with someone, and this happening in an isolated episode, doesn’t seem like a reason to worry too much.

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