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New occupational diseases affect mental health at work

Of concern are Covid-19, burnout, drug abuse, suicide attempts and anxiety

A recent update to Brazilian legislation promises to have a positive impact on workers’ lives. The ordinance of the Ministry of Health revised a 1999 document and increased the number of occupational diseases from 182 to 347. Among the most relevant cases are Covid-19, burnout, drug abuse, suicide attempts and anxiety.

According to Fernanda Segurado, psychological coordinator at Docway, a digital health solutions company in Brazil, this update not only reflects changes in the work environment, but also improves the diagnosis of occupational diseases.

“Social isolation has had a considerable impact on the mental health of workers, making psychological disorders an even more relevant concern. Now, with a clearer specification of its impacts, psychology gains effective and assertive tools to diagnose and treat affected workers,” she says.

One of the most significant innovations brought by this revision is the expansion of stability guarantees for workers on sick leave in the professional ranking: leave based on a medical certificate, right to sickness compensation for injury and guarantee of work stability for 12 months after discharge. doctor, avoiding dismissals without just cause during this period.

“It is essential to distance the professional from the stressful factor to allow a clearer understanding of the negative impact that environment has on his health. For example, in cases of burnout with absence of 10 days, the psychologist can carry out therapeutic interventions every another day, to reconstruct the patient’s perception and provide an emotional and psychological structure. This approach aims to bring the person back to the center of themselves, allowing them to deal with stressors”, he explains.

Obstacles that hold back professionals

It also points to financial hardship as an obstacle for professionals to voluntarily remove themselves from work environments that are harmful to their mental health.

“In many cases, financial pressure prevents the individual from making the decision necessary to distance themselves from the stressful environment. With the possibility of paid leave, taking care of mental health becomes much more accessible,” she says.

However, the coordinator of Docway’s Psychology section indicates that the new resolution will only have a real impact if companies take the opportunity to reevaluate their internal policies.

“It is essential that organizations actively invest in creating work environments that are more conducive to employee mental health by reviewing internal practices, promoting corporate cultures that value well-being, implementing preventative measures and non-judgmental support for needed time off,” he adds Fernanda Segurado.

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Source: Terra

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