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Deadpool 3: a violent and crazy first trailer, with an unexpected return

The trailer of Deadpool 3 it’s here !

If there’s one trailer expected during the 2024 Super Bowl, it’s this one Deadpool 3 ! Marvel Studios’ production is anticipated for several reasons. First of all because the film will finally reunite Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackmanand their cult characters Deadpool and Wolverine. Then because the feature film will be the only MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) film to be distributed this year. Enough to raise fans’ expectations. But if we were particularly waiting for this trailer it is also because very few images were leaked during filming. Ryan Reynolds also asked Internet users not to share stolen images. Which was pretty respected for a production like that.

Thereby, place for the trailer (video in one of the articles) which sees Wade Wilson appear as a normal man, celebrating his birthday with several supporting characters seen in previous films. But problems don’t take long to arise with the presence of security agents. TVA (Tribunal des Variations Anachroniques, presented in the series Loki). Thanks to this, the film sets the tone with an increasingly evident break in the fourth wall. We still don’t know why TVA will turn to Wade, but he clearly won’t be asked to come and shake up the MCU.

A character who returns, but not the one we expected

There will also be action in Deadpool 3 and this trailer gives us a glimpse of what Shawn Levy envisioned. The film promises to be violent and bloody. But what we were looking forward to the most was obviously Wolverine. Except that the trailer is satisfied with a small preview showing the superhero at the end of the video, from behind, as he is about to skewer Wade. On the other hand, fans will notice the presence of Aaron Stanford, the interpreter of Pyro in the first trilogy X-Men.

It is not yet known what his involvement will be in the film. Surely with the TVA’s involvement, Wade will wander through different timelines and thus come across alternate versions of characters seen in other films. Furthermore, in addition to Pyro and Wolverine, we remember that Elektra, played by Jennifer Garnerhe will be there too.

Deadpool 3 will be released in theaters on July 24, 2024.

Source: Cine Serie

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