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BBB | Cininha de Paula questions Beatriz’s mental health

The former director of Globo sparked controversy on the web when she “diagnosed” the participant in Big Brother Brasil 24

Former Globo comedy director Cininha de Paula criticized “BBB 24” participant Beatriz Reis in a video posted on TikTok. In the recording, Cininha “diagnosed” Beatriz as having exhibited “deranged” and “manic” behavior. “This Beatriz has a problem, right? She’s not normal, she’s what we call a maniac, she seems stuck, sick,” Cininha said, echoing the problematic statements of recently eliminated Fernanda Bande.

She went further in her diagnosis: “Jesus, what a deranged thing, damn! Don’t the psychiatrists see it in there? That this girl is crazy? Wow. This isn’t joy, no, it’s mania. She’s a maniac, Jesus.” Christ. She comes from a book. One thing, wow… I’m really fed up.”

Repercussions on the Internet

Cininha’s video generated mixed reactions on social media. While some Internet users agreed with the statement, many lamented the opinion of the “amateur psychiatrist”, who even imitated the confined woman’s mannerisms, evoking her days of hosting decades-old politically incorrect comics does.

It is worth mentioning that Beatriz’s mother took her daughter to the doctor when she was little, due to hyperactivity, and found nothing abnormal.

Source: Terra

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