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Discover the trends of the Waning Moon in Aquarius

Find out what this lunar phase holds for the zodiac signs

On May 1 (Wednesday), the Waning Moon entered the sign of Aquarius, which signifies a phase of analysis in the sign of changes and creativity. This indicates a period full of challenges, considering that the Waning Moon is dedicated to self-awareness and accomplishments. Subsequently, the tarot reader NaiĆ” Giannocaro explains what the trends of the period will be. Watch:

Waning Moon in Aquarius

The Waning Moon inside Acquarium represents changes in ideas and creativity to solve the challenges that are coming. Self-analysis and observation will increase and be necessary to see failures and mistakes as learning. It will be important to address problems to close loops, save energy and avoid conflicts. It is also a good phase of renewal, especially in the healthcare field.

The Waning Moon in Aquarius represents a phase of change

Signs that receive strong energies from the Waning Moon

Influences on the signs of Virgo and Capricorn

This will be the perfect time for Virgos to reorganize their lives, eliminating what is no longer necessary. Capricorns, on the other hand, should benefit from phase of the Moon set goals and achieve them concretely. Both should avoid unnecessary spending, negotiate debts and practice detachment.

Influences on the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

During this period, the originally from Cancer You will have to strengthen family ties and reflect on matters related to the heart. In turn, Scorpios must delve into their emotions and try to heal internal wounds. Pisces will have to connect with their inner world, exploring their sensitivity and spirituality. The 3 natives must review their emotions and evaluate the losses and sadness in their hearts.

Trends for the next phase lunar

The Waning Moon enters on May 30th Fish bringing a phase of withdrawal to control emotions that are dormant. Self-confidence will help you see conflicts and doubts, helping you make more assertive decisions. It is recommended to harness these energies to expand ideas and investigate emotions, such as anger, grief, sadness and loss.

Source: Terra

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