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Mad Max: a new film is already in preparation (with the return of a star)

George Miller announces new Mad Max project

The Australian director George Miller, to whom we owe the great saga Mad Max, isn’t finished with his post-apocalyptic creation, and that’s great news. In fact, after the first three parts created by Mel Gibson and published between 1979 and 1985, he returned for the first time with the masterful Mad Max: Road Fury in 2015, making one of the greatest films of this decade. This year it is his prequel that he will present out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival: Furious.

For this, Anya Taylor-Joy performs Furious in her youth, thus taking up the character to which Charlize Theron lent her features and talent Mad Max: Road Fury.

Furiosa©Warner Bros.

“We have a whole story about it”

And as George Miller just announced on the microphone ofEntertainment weeklya new film is currently in preparation and should be the occasion for the return to the screen of Tom Hardy in the role of Max Rockatansky. The director explained:

When we prepared “Mad Max: Fury Road”, we wrote what happened to the character of Max the year before his appearance (in the 2015 film, ed.). (…) We have all the stories about this.

We’re working on it. We wrote it as a short story and now we have the opportunity to develop it into a screenplay.

This new prequel project would therefore bring back Tom Hardy as “Mad Max”, to show him before his meeting with Furiosa in Mad Max: Road Fury. Ideal in this role previously played by Mel Gibson – and despite unbearable tensions with Charlize Theron during filming, Tom Hardy should therefore take over if George Miller puts this new script into production. If the project is completed successfully, after Way of Fury AND Furiouswe would then have a new trilogycomposed of a story and two prequels focusing on the main characters.

Source: Cine Serie

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