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Can people with herniated discs do weight training? Understand care

Monitoring is valid to avoid scares during physical activity.

There are many reasons to practice bodybuilding. After all, it helps increase muscle mass, prevent injuries, strengthen the immune system, reduce postural pain and other benefits. However, there are those who live in fear, for example: is it possible to do bodybuilding with a herniated disc?

It’s okay to do weight training with a herniated disc

“The herniated disc is not an obstacle to exercise. But when a person is in crisis, he should not do exercise to avoid triggering this inflammation. So, when the person comes out of the crisis, he should give priority to strengthening exercises “core” is a nucleus of the body that involves the entire musculature of the spine and abdomen.

When they are strengthened, they will be able to provide structure and strength to the person to maintain posture and avoid disc compression”, he replied in an exclusive interview with Sport Life, orthopedist Dr. Ana Paula Simões.

Despite this, the specialist warned that a subject with herniated disc should avoid overload, i.e. training carried out within the limits of the professional is recommended. Similar problem with training time.

“Training time should be individual and will depend on each person’s routine. Normally, we suggest a 24-hour interval to perform another stimulus on the same muscle. For example: if you do a set of biceps curls today, we recommend just do a new set of that muscle the next day, you can supplement your training with stimuli for other muscles,” he suggested.

How long does it take to see results?

“The answer is immediate, especially when we talk about the mental state: a person gains endorphins. The results of strength and hypertrophy are medium and long term, depending on each person, the fat they have to burn and the diet they follow,” he said. concluded the doctor.

What to do when pain occurs?

“Of course during a painful crisis we reduce the intensity, we perform physiotherapy to relieve the pain, but the next stage of treatment is to perform exercises and this must be done for the rest of life,” explained the orthopedist from São Marcelino Hospital . Champagnat Dr. Antonio Krieger.


«There are no exercises in the medical literature that are prohibited for those with a herniated disc. There is no scientific correspondence on the matter. Indeed, all the articles demonstrate that performing them prevents the formation of the hernia, reduces the risk of surgery and reduces the patient’s painful condition”, concluded Dr. Antonio.

Source: Terra

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