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Find out what talent is and its characteristics

The condition is characterized by exceptionally high performance in one or more specific areas

Giftedness, also known as high ability, is a condition in which individuals demonstrate exceptionally high performance in one or more specific areas compared to their peers of the same age and experience.

In Brazil there are around 2,600 super intelligent people associated with Mensa, an entity that brings together people with high intellectual abilities, of which 534 are children. Next, psychologist Damião da Silva, creator of Vivendo a Superdotação and a professional with experience in the field of inclusive education, explains more on the topic!

What is talent?

According to Damião Silva, talent is a condition in which individuals have exceptional abilities in areas such as cognition, creativityleadership or art, distinguishing oneself significantly from the population average.

It is important to understand that giftedness goes beyond academic performance and includes a variety of talents and potentials. Furthermore, they are people with above-average sensitivity and emotional intensity.

Talent reveals itself through intense interests, rapid learning and insatiable curiosity

Signs of talent

Signs of giftedness can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, but some common indicators include an intense and persistent interest in certain subjects from childhood, an impressive ability to learn quickly and an insatiable curiosity about the world around them. Additionally, gifted children often demonstrate advanced complex problem-solving skills and a vivid imagination.

Characteristics of talent

Characteristics of gifted people include a creative and curious mind, an exceptional capacity for abstract thinking, and a remarkable ability to make connections between seemingly disconnected ideas. They tend to be highly motivated in areas of personal interest, showing an unwavering determination to overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Talent diagnosis

The diagnosis of giftedness involves a comprehensive evaluation carried out by specialized professionals, which includes intelligence tests, behavioral observation and analysis of the individual’s academic and personal history. Importantly, the diagnostic process seeks to understand the specific needs of the individual and ensure that they receive the appropriate support to develop their potential.

“Talent is an extraordinary trait that can bring both unique challenges and opportunities. By better understanding what talent is, its signs, its characteristics, and how identification is made, we can create more inclusive environments that enhance and support the development of gifted people in all areas of life”, concludes Damião Silva.

By Sarah Monteiro

Source: Terra

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