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A fan uses inheritance to watch Madonna concert

Vinicius Duarte, a fan of the artist for over 20 years, has already done crazy things to be able to see a show by the queen of pop

Thousands of Madonna fans are expected on Saturday 4th at the artist’s show on Copabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro. One of them will be Vinicius Duarte. A fan of the singer for at least 20 years, Viniciu has already used the sum received as an inheritance to travel to London in 2007 and see a performance by the artist up close.

“I lost my mother when I was 6 months old. When I became an adult, I received the money [da herança]. In 2007 Madonna went on tour and I said, ‘I need to see this woman.’ So I used the inheritance money to go to London to see the ‘Confessions Tour’ show,” she said while attending her Earth now, this Thursday 2.

Vinicio also reflects on the importance of the Madonna in his life. “The documentary ‘In Bed With Madonna’ changed my life. It showed that it was normal to be gay. After that I thought ‘this is who I am and I have to love myself’.”

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