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How to get to the Madonna concert in Copacabana

We recommend using public transport: metro, bus, VLT and train

Singer Madonna will perform for free this Saturday (4) on a stage set up on the sand of Copacabana beach, in front of the Copacabana Palace Hotel, where she is staying. The event closes the Celebration Tour, which celebrates the 40-year career of the pop diva.

OR show it will start at 9.45pm and last two hours. The party will open with a DJ performance, starting at 7pm.

To accommodate the expected crowds of around 1.5 million, a special traffic scheme has been established involving blocking access by cars, buses and taxis to Copacabana.

Traffic blocks

From 7am on Saturday (4), the track along the edge of Avenida Atlântica will be closed. The route adjacent to the buildings will operate reversibly, as happens on Sundays and holidays.

At 11am, the runway next to the buildings of Avenida Atlântica and all accesses will be closed.

From 6pm onwards all access to the Copacabana neighborhood will be closed, with the exception of buses and taxis. It will currently no longer be possible to enter Copacabana using app transport services, such as Uber or 99.

From 7.30pm onwards access to Copacabana will be completely blocked, including buses and taxis.


MetrôRio will have a maximum supply of trains starting from 3pm on the day of the show and both Line 2 and Line 1 can be used for the return journey to Copacabana.

Rio de Janeiro - Metrô Rio launches the fare payment service using contactless technology, with cards, mobile phones and other devices, directly at the station boarding turnstiles (Photo: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil)
The metro will have maximum supply from 3pm on both lines 1 and 2. Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil

Metrô Rio recommends that disembarkation be carried out by Siqueira Campos/Copacabana station. Already the Cardeal Arcoverde Station It will only work for disembarkation from 4pm to 10pm.

After the show, the Cardeal Arcoverde, Siqueira Campos and Cantagalo stations will operate until 4am on Sunday. After midnight on Saturday the other stations in the system will be open for disembarkation only.

MetrôRio advises customers to purchase and top up their Giro, MetrôRio single ticket or RioCard tickets in advance, also favoring the purchase of the return ticket in advance, facilitating entry into the system. The fare is R$7.50 for departure and R$7.50 for return.

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SuperVia trains

To travel to the show, the public can normally use the trains available. Central do Brasil station will close at 9.15pm and reopen at 12.15am, remaining until 2.15am for end-of-show service.

After the presentation, extra trains will be waiting for fans who will take the metro to Central do Brasil. There will be six trains in evidence: two for Japeri (1h30 and 2h20), two for Santa Cruz (1h15 and 2h20) and two for Saracuruna (1h20 and 2h20), all departing from Central, which will be the only station open to boarding. The rest will be open for disembarkation only.

The Japeri and Santa Cruz branches will carry out layover trips. Only Praça da Bandeira station will not allow disembarkation.

Special bus

The bus service, including the BRT and municipal lines affected by the service, will operate uninterrupted on Saturdays and Sundays. OR Terminal of kindness it will be the central connection point between BRT, intercity lines, bus station and Galeão airport.

To transport spectators from the Gentileza Terminal to the venue, a special Gentileza x Madonna line was created. The matches will start on Saturday at 1pm (4). Until 7.30pm, disembarkation on this line will be at Avenida Princesa Isabel, in Copacabana. After this time, the disembarkation point will be at Botafogo Cove.

The fare for this exclusive line will be R$8.60, return, with access control and exclusive payment through the Jaé ticketing platform.

Upon purchase, passengers will receive a bracelet to facilitate their return home. Boarding for the return journey will take place at the Enseada de Botafogo, from 12pm to 4am on Sunday. To do this, simply present your wristband to board the bus.

Conventional buses

From 7.30pm there will be two terminals for boarding buses. One in Enseada de Botafogo, near Botafogo Praia Shopping, which serves passengers heading to Central, Terminal Gentileza and some neighborhoods in the North Zone, such as Abolição, Jacaré, Penha and Ilha do Governador.

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) 04/30/2024 – Workers use buses to go home, in the Central do Brasil region.  Photo: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil
Transportation will be available from 7pm at two boarding terminals. Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil

For those who need to go to the Center or the Bus Station, boarding on lines 100 and 167 for Central do Brasil and Terminal Gentileza respectively will be on Avenida das Nações Unidas, towards Centro, at Enseada de Botafogo .

For those heading to the North Zone, boarding will take place on Avenida das Nações, towards the South Zone, also at Enseada de Botafogo, where lines 415 (Enseada de Botafogo x Usina), 492 (Enseada de Botafogo x Bancários) will pass. available), 457 (Enseada de Botafogo x Abolição), 474 (Enseada de Botafogo x Jacaré) or 483 (Enseada de Botafogo x Penha).

Another extra terminal will be in Copacabana, at Posto 6, with conventional and executive buses going to the neighborhoods of the West Zone, such as Barra da Tijuca (Terminal Alvorada), Cidade de Deus, Recreio, Piabas, Santa Cruz, Rio das Pedras and Campo Grande .

The conventional lines Integrata 2 – 552 (Ipanema x Alvorada, via Av. Lúcio Costa), Integrata 6 – 558 (Ipanema x Cidade de Deus, via Itanhangá), Integrata 8 – 553 (Ipanema x Recreio, via Lagoa) will be available at this terminal Barra / Av. das Américas), Integrata 9 – 554 (Ipanema x Piabas, via Av. Niemeyer / Av. Benvindo Novaes), 539 (Ipanema x Rocinha, via Estrada da Gávea) and 557 (Ipanema x Rio das Pedras). ).

In addition to these options, there will be executive lines 2334 (Ipanema x Campo Grande), 2335 (Ipanema x Santa Cruz, via Barra da Tijuca) and 2338 (Ipanema x Campo Grande, via Estrada do Magarça).


VLT line 1 (Santos Dumont – Terminal Gentileza) will also operate continuously this weekend, with an interval of 20 minutes.

VLT Line 3, which connects Central do Brasil and Santos Dumont Airport, starts operating in the early afternoon (26th).
The vehicle will run on line 1 with an interval of 20 minutes. Tomaz Silva/Agenzia Brasil


The security system for the public of show foresees the presence in the region of 3,200 soldiers, 64 vehicles and 65 monitoring towers. The transverse streets of the seafront will be closed with bars and access controls. There will be 18 checkpoints and searches with facial recognition. Additionally, Copacabana metro stations will be searched with metal detectors.

It is also planned to use drones for facial recognition and 12 additional cameras for facial recognition. A Military Police command and control center has also been created in Praça do Lido to operate during the show, and the Civil Police will have 1,500 officers on standby.

Weather forecast

According to the city’s meteorological service, Alerta Rio, the weather forecast for this Saturday shows a decrease in cloud cover starting from the end of the morning, with a predominance of partly cloudy skies and no rain.

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Source: Terra

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