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Does the colored cloth prevent contamination during cleaning? Discover 10 myths and truths!

Does the sprayer use less product? Can I use the same broom throughout the house? Check out the answers from Dr. Bactéria, EsfreBom brand ambassador, from Bettanin

When it comes to cleaning there are always many doubts, especially because new things continually appear on the subject. Regardless of whether home care is something new in the routine or the activity has been around for many years, not everyone knows, for example, that Using colorful fabrics goes beyond aesthetics. They facilitate categorization of use by environment, avoiding cross-contamination. Or that the use of the spray bottle it not only means convenience, but also helps chemical economics used for cleaning.

To help those who have doubts about what can or cannot be done during the home hygiene routine, Bettanin invited the Doctor Bacteriabrand ambassador EsfreBom, to discover the 10 most common myths and truths surrounding the topic at the moment. Watch!

Is just a broom capable of removing all the dirt from the floor?

Myth! The broom is great for removing dust, hair and other dirt from the floor, but if there is something stuck in the floor other techniques will be necessary. Depending on the complexity, the use of something more powerful, such as an abrasive brush, will be necessary. Otherwise a mop already fulfills this role well.

Can using the same cleaning cloth in every room of the house cause cross-contamination?

EsfreBom cleaning cloth, by Bettanin.

REAL! To avoid this, a good tip is to use colored cloths and leave a specific color for each room, so that the bacteria does not move from one room to another. Particular attention must be paid to cleaning the bathroom: as the environment is very favorable to the proliferation of bacteria, the ideal is for the cloth used to be washed before a second cleaning.

How to reduce contact with chemicals or ice water when cleaning?

Microfibre Turbo Mop with handle and bucket for beginners, by Bettanin.

REAL! Today, there are several effective products that help reduce contact with chemicals and cold water, which can cause skin irritation and/or discomfort during cleaning. Good examples are cloths with reservoir, gloves, brushes with long handles. So there’s no excuse not to tackle the cleaning, even on the coldest days!

Does using a spray bottle help save product?


REAL! Sprayers are great, not only for making cleaning easier, but also for saving on the chemicals used for cleaning. Normally, by pouring the product directly from the package, the quantity used is greater: with a spray it is possible to have a good quantity of product to completely clean a surface.

Can I use the same broom for different tasks and rooms?


Myth! There are brooms with different models and suitable for every type of cleaning and environment. And using the right option for each purpose helps to have effective cleaning, as well as preserving the bristles of the utensils and the floor of the room.

Are multipurpose products ideal for those who don’t have much space at home?


REAL! Having products that can be used in different rooms, floors and activities can be the perfect solution for those who want to optimize their laundry room space when storing them. An example is the multipurpose cloth, which can be used to clean different types of surfaces.

Is the cleaning program not efficient?


Myth! To have a tidier home it is important to have organized attitudes. And establishing a cleaning schedule in line with the residents’ routine can help a lot in their daily lives, as it will help to take advantage of the best times and days for each one to keep the house clean and organized.

Is wearing gloves essential for those who want to protect their skin?


REAL! Wearing gloves is very important to be safer with your skin, as it avoids contact with chemicals, reducing the possibility of allergic reactions and/or dry hands.

Is one day a week enough to clean the house?


Myth! While it’s common for people to take one day a week to do heavy cleaning, it’s very important to do some daily tasks, such as washing the dishes, mopping the floor, and changing the trash. These attitudes will prevent the accumulation of bacteria and dirt, making cleaning more efficient and simple.

Is it possible to dry dishes with a tea towel only if it is dry and sanitized?

High performance microfibre tea towel by EsfreBom.

REAL! The cloth is recommended only if dry and sanitized. If it is not washed correctly and regularly, it is a proliferator of bacteria and germs that accumulate in the fabric. Here, good advice is to use cloths that contain silver ions in their composition, which have the ability to reduce the bacteria present in the fabric.

Source: Terra

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