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The expert provides three tips for starting CrossFit

This activity is recognized for its intense pace

CrossFit brings together exercises of various modalities, which help increase muscle mass, improve physical condition, breathing capacity, among others. However, every orientation is valid before the experience and in this sense the strength training specialist from UFSCar (Federal University of São Carlos) Enya Tiemi will share three tips for starting CrossFit.

The three tips for starting CrossFit

Practice healthy habits

“Just as at the beginning of any exercise practice, it is important that healthy habits accompany the process. Take care of your diet, build rest into your routine and maintain consistency in these habits. Training, nutrition and rest are linked to achieving the expected result. Look for a specialized professional to help you in the process”, said Enya in an exclusive interview with Sport Life.

Enjoy the steps

Tiemi emphasized that it is necessary to understand that in the first lessons it is important to train movement techniques, as well as the use of light loads, running shorter distances and more rest times.

“Take advantage of the beginning to understand how each WOD (Workout of the Day) works, such as LPO (Olympic Weightlifting) and gymnastics movements require technique and training in their construction. Don’t compare yourself and stay consistent so you can soon see yours improve performance and get closer to your goal Listen to your coach and be patient and persistent,” he advised.

CrossFit beyond the WOD

Finally, CrossFit training allows for socialization and learning new movements, which includes exercise nomenclature and championships. “Connected to this, a new world can be introduced to you. Take advantage of the training to get to know people more, understand how your body works, what you like most and what you can practice more. Share your advantages with colleagues, your difficulties and training will become more interesting every day”, concluded Enya Tiemi.

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