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The businesswoman earns R $ 7 million with “ear visagism” and famous clients

The technique consists in harmonizing luxury jewelery and piercing; Grazi Massafera, Taís Araújo and Pabllo Vittar have already been assisted by the piercer

The piercing market, which has seen 35% growth in the last four years across the country, has undergone transformations since it arrived in Brazil. From the most intense to the most delicate looks, earrings and pendants can create a unique look.

After two decades working as a piercer, entrepreneur Paula Barbosa has specialized in Australian ear piercing and body piercing techniques with the intention of modernizing the local market.

In an interview with Earthstates that ear visagism is a technique that consists of harmonizing jewelery and piercings while respecting the individual anatomy of each ear.

The concept of Australian piercings is composed of 3 piercings combined with minimalist jewels, the smallest available on the market, in perfect symmetry. I wait:

“My work travels further than I ever could”

Paula’s first inspirations and passion for piercing came as a teenager, when she watched MTV and was struck by the appearance of foreign singers and actresses.

“I was a curious and ambitious teenager and wanted to go far beyond the cultural barriers of the eastern part of São Paulo. Observing international artists such as Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Keith Flint, Drew Barrymore, Fergie and Spice Girls, I was struck by the unique and sexy way in which they expressed their personality through piercings,” recalls the entrepreneur.

In 2002, at the age of 19, he performed his first piercing on a client. From that point on, she Paula says I already knew I wanted to work with “transformation” for the rest of my life.

“I liked giving people the idea of ​​making them unique. Over the years, I have understood clients’ needs and fears, developing techniques that have taken the niche to a new level of sophistication and demystification. I had no one to ask for advice and tips on luxury piercings in Brazil, I was the first and I had to discover everything on my own,” says Paula.

In four years, the professional has applied 15 thousand Australian piercings and boasts a list of famous clients such as Grazi Massafera, Taís Araújo, Pabllo Vittar, Caio Castro, Amanda Djehdian, Ana Clara and Diana Villas Boas. For her, the secret to achieving success lies in the care she dedicates to her work.

“The piercing at Grazi Massafera was truly the greatest recognition of my expertise in the sector”

“In business, the most powerful thing in marketing is the recommendation. The only reason I had to meet celebrities is because someone recommended my work to them. I’m meticulous with almost every piercing I do because I know my work travels further than I ever could,” says the entrepreneur.

14 year journey to success

Despite her success, Paula says it took her 14 years to feel successful. It was in 2016 that she finally realized she was on the right path and her work began to pay off.

“From that moment on I dedicated my life and savings to creating my own piercing brand. With a vision unseen by others, four years later, I launched my first brand concept, “Australian Piers by Just Paulinha”. In the end my efforts paid off,” celebrates the piercer.

Caio Castro, the singer Ana Clara and Pabllo Vittar

By 2024, the Just Paulinha brand expects a turnover of R$ 7 million, including the jewelry store, the Visag piercing service and the Piercing School, where the professional’s methods and techniques are taught.

“I have already achieved everything I could have dreamed of in my career as a piercer. This profession has taken me even further than I could have imagined. The success of Australian facial and ear piercing techniques is honestly a dream come true,” says the entrepreneur.

Now, Paula says her goal is to train the next generation of Brazilian piercers, teaching them essential techniques and care during the procedure.

“With proper technique, hygiene and understanding, I truly believe the world of piercing will evolve as more and more Personal Piercers are able to express themselves and develop their own styles, just like I did when I designed all my new designs of piercings.”

Source: Terra

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