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Ryan Gosling makes a radical decision about the rest of his career

Ryan Gosling has changed course

After the huge box of Barbie Last year, Ryan Gosling is back in theaters in David Leitch’s new feature film, The boy of autumn. He plays a stuntman who volunteers to go in search of a missing movie star to save the film of a director he is in love with.

The boy of autumn
The Autumn Boy ©Universal Pictures

Ryan Gosling’s appearance in The boy of autumn illustrated the actor’s change of direction During last years. In the 2000s and early 2010s, the Canadian played regularly rather dark characters. This is especially demonstrated by her roles in Stay, Love and secrets, Guide, The place Beyond the Pines OR Only God forgives. But since the early 1920s, ruled out this type of project appear in films with a slightly lighter tone. He recently explained why.

The actor wants to please his family first

While Ryan Gosling promotes The boy of autumngave an interview to The Wall Street Journal. The media especially tried to know why he hadn’t appeared in films with very dark tones for a while. The actor then explained that he was now deciding his plans taking the well-being of his family as a prioritywhile he is now the father of two daughters with Eva Mendes:

I don’t take on roles that would put me in some sort of dark mood. I’m trying to take the temperature at home and guess what would be best for all of us. The decisions I make, I make with Eva and we make them thinking first and foremost about our family.

The actor explains that becoming a father has changed the way he chose his roles. When his elderly daughter was born, he immediately “paid much more attention” what he had done so far. And what he could do in the future. The first example that illustrated this was The The Earth. Because the interpreter of Sebastian Wilder in Damien Chazelle’s film knew that his daughters could have fun during his preparation for the feature film:

I said to myself, ‘Oh, it will be fun for them too, because even if they don’t come to set, we practice the piano every day, or dance or sing.

Other films great public

In addition to taking his family’s well-being into account, Ryan Gosling revealed in the same interview that he now chooses his roles with two criteria in mind. He wants to make films that interest him personallyand that they are intended to a wider audience :

I want to do things that are inclusive and not aimed at an individual audience. I think for so long I was just trying to pay bills and work. It’s only recently that I feel like I realize I have an opportunity to make the kind of feature films that made me love movies

Ryan Gosling therefore seems to want to go in the opposite direction to actors who appear mainly in blockbusters at the beginning of their careers before moving towards independent productions. As mentioned above, The boy of autumn is an example of this. The feature film is released in theaters this Wednesday 1um May In France.

Source: Cine Serie

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