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Belly without fat: 6 strategies to dry out faster

The nutritionist reveals what you need to do to lose weight and maintain six-pack abs

Find out how to stop that insistence Belly fat This is something that many people who practice some kind of physical activity and have not yet realized the dream of “tight abs” would like to know. But, contrary to popular belief, there is no miraculous or secret method to achieve this. Nor is it a way to burn localized fat.

The basic principle for eliminating belly fat, or any other part of the body, is the same: reduce calorie consumption and increase energy expenditure. However, within this concept, there are various strategies that can facilitate the path and speed up the achievement of the final goal.

Therefore, with the help of a nutritionist, physical educator and fitness athlete, Dan Borges, we have divided six simple and effective techniques to eliminate, once and for all, fat from the belly or any other region of the body. Watch:

How to get rid of belly fat

1. Train your entire body

According to the nutritionist, it is very important to work all the muscles to improve flaccidity and develop muscle mass. So, don’t skip one workout or the other. Each exercise has its importance.

2. Controlled calorie deficit

According to Dani, to reduce body fat your body must have a negative energy balance. And this means promoting a calorie deficit, that is, eating fewer calories than you burn. However, this calorie withdrawal cannot be too aggressive. It is important that the process happens slowly and gradually.

3- Do abdominal exercises

Abdominal exercises do not dry out your stomach. However, they are what will help build and shape the muscles underneath the layer of fat, so that when you start to dry out and lose fat, your muscles will start to look defined. “Therefore, it is important to always do sit-ups, not to mention that they have the task of stabilizing the core and become allies against injuries, especially when training the lower back. Do them two or three times a week, three to four sets and three to five exercises per workout”, advises the specialist, who is also a physical education teacher.

Consistency is the secret

4. Increase your protein intake

«Proteins are fundamental in any diet, but in the process of definition they will be essential to help maintain lean mass and also have a high thermic factor, that is, calories are spent to digest and metabolize proteins. Not to mention that proteins provide greater satiety,” says Dani.

5. Build lean mass first

The nutritionist emphasizes that, before drying, it is necessary that under the fat layer there are well-developed muscles, so that when it begins to dry, the body segments (definitions) begin to stand out.

6. Align cardio with your diet and training

“What makes you lose weight the most in the long term is the muscle building that occurs in resistance training, not to mention that bodybuilding is the physical activity that promotes the EPOC effect of continuing to burn calories for up to 48 hours after training. “physical activity. Unlike traditional aerobics, which only burns you there, so align your cardiovascular training volume with weight training and diet”, concludes Dani.

Source: Sports life.

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