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Pit bull dog is rescued after being stuck on a roof in RS for 6 days; I wait

Images of the rescue went viral on social media

A pit bull dog was rescued after becoming stuck on the roof of a house for six days in Rio Grande do Sul The images of the moment were shared on social media by animal protector Márcio Lacerda and went viral (look down).

The publication was made on Thursday 9th and has more than 7 million views. In the video you can see the animal barking from a roof. Márcio informs that the tile is very thin, but despite this he advances to try to reach the animal. With difficulty he and other volunteers approach the place with the boat and manage to place the dog inside the boat.

“The difficulties and challenges involved in rescuing animals are enormous. We put our own lives at risk. But these angels are worth saving,” said Márcio in the caption of the publication.

  • Find out how to donate any amount to the official Pix of Rio Grande do Sul.

Márcio Lacerda is busy rescuing animals in the state, which has been suffering from floods and heavy rains since late last month. According to information from the Civil Protection, released this Friday, the 10th, the number of deaths has risen to 126.

Source: Terra

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