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“It was good for everyone,” the eternal Globeleza says of life away from her children

Valeria Valenssa is the mother of João Henrique, 21, and José Gabriel, 20.

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The eternal Globeleza Valeria Valenssa attracted the attention of Brazil when she appeared pregnant in the traditional cartoon of carnival from TV Globo, in 2003. Now, more than 20 years later and with two children, she has opened up to motherhood and evaluated the period lived separately from the boys.

Away from the small screen since 2004, the model is the mother of João Henrique, 21, and José Gabriel, 20, both the result of her relationship with the designer Hans Donner. She currently lives separately from the couple, but she sees living in different rooms as something “good for everyone”.

“We live close by, we talk every day and I take care of everything that concerns them. I play my role as mother and Hans as father. He was very calm. It is a moment for everyone and a beautiful experience to live with the father. It was thought out and it was good for everyone,” he told the portal Gshow.

Having a good relationship with her children, Valenssa believes that following the “boring mother” line has been good for the boys’ development. The eldest, João, studies law, while the youngest, José, has recently started studying cinema.

“If I am what I am today, it is precisely because of this. They are in a very pleasant phase, at an age where they understand life more,” Globeleza said.

In fact, motherhood was a dream come true for the model. Before having João, Valenssa lost her first child, and the next two pregnancies were also not easy, as she reported.

“I lost my first child. I had trouble getting pregnant with both João and José. Pregnancy was no different. But while everything in life passes, today I see older kids, studying, working, responsible, knowing the consequences of all their choices. Today they make my dream come true, the magic of being a mother,” added Globeleza.

Source: Terra

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