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How much does it cost, on average, to live alone in Brazil?

Find out how much it costs on average to live alone based on average prices per m², electricity, internet, water and basic food basket.

Go living alone for the first time It’s a defining moment in anyone’s life. There are those who decide to experience the feeling of having their own space, others move due to the need to live closer to work. Regardless of the motivation, only in Brazil, in 2022, almost 12 million properties were occupied by a single person.

The data comes from Continuous national household sample survey (Pnad)carried out by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), and represent 15.9% of all families in the country.

But to decide to live alone you need to be organized, especially when it comes to financial life. After all, the new routine involves basic expenses, such as food, gas, electricity and water. Those who live on rent still have to add a little more to the family budget at the beginning of each month.

Check the average cost of living alone in Brazil, remembering that this is an estimate based on national data, so values ​​may vary from city to city.

Common expenses when living alone

In the financial planning of those who intend to live alone, there are some expenses that cannot be forgotten. The first of them is the spending on housing, which is usually the highest value. Anyone who owns their own home and does not pay any type of bill related to this aspect is already saving.

According to data from FipeZap+THE The average rental price per square meter in Brazil in 2023 was R$38.35. If we consider, for example, a 45 m2 property, the fixed cost of the home will be around R$ 1,725.25.

According to a survey by Investorcondominium expenses may be considered in the order of R$200, including water and gas bills and urban property and land tax (IPTU). The costs of Internet tend to be, on average, R$150.

However, values ​​may vary depending on the location of the property and the city in which it is located. Therefore, to have a more precise estimate, the guideline is to research prices in the region where you intend to live.

In addition to accommodation costs, there are other fixed expenses. The value of the basic food basket for the year 2023, in Sao Paulo, is R$ 791.82second Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Economic Studies (Dieese). For light, according to the National Electricity Agency (Aneel), R$100 this is usually a sufficient amount.

Considering all the information, the average amount needed to live alone would be around R$3,000, without considering shipping costs. In this respect, the value will depend on the means the person chooses to travel on a daily basis.

As highlighted by E-investorif the choice falls on public transport, the average expense can be around R$264 per month. If it is a car, the value tends to increase, depending on changes in the price of petrol and the vehicle’s maintenance needs.

It is also important too set aside an average budget for recreational activities and healthcare expenses. Both can vary, depending on each person’s tastes, preferences and needs.

Financial planning is your ally

According to Serasa, financial planning is about thinking about financial health, coordinating and balancing all your expenses. Therefore, the main premise of the concept is put all expenses on the tip of the pencil.

To start planning, it is important consider all the invoices paid in the month, noting an average expense on a document. At this point, you should think about the fixed expenses first and then add the variables.

You can take notes in notebooks on your phone, notebooks or spreadsheets on your computer. The idea is that after adding all the expenses to the document, the individual sums them up and understands their real financial situation.

For those who intend to live alone, financial planning is considered essential to maintain control over expenses. It is possible to look for price estimates in the area where the new house will be located and understand if the expenses will fall within the available budget.

Furthermore, with information it is still possible to make other decisions in favor of quality of life and increased income. By knowing the expenses, the person can have the confidence to use the rest of the income to invest in CDBs, government bonds and other financial products.

Source: Terra

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