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7 tips to avoid making mistakes with the wedding dress code

Have you received an invitation to a wedding and don’t know how to dress? These are some tips to avoid making mistakes or even making a misstep.

Receiving an invitation to a wedding is always a special moment: after all, you were one of the people chosen to celebrate the couple who celebrated the ceremony. Often, however, once the greatest emotion has passed, that cruel doubt arises about how to dress for the ceremony, especially when you don’t yet have the clothes suitable for this type of event.

Although the invitation generally states a dress code Precisely to guide you in this sense, it is still difficult to know exactly which clothes to wear. And, above all, what to avoid so as not to make mistakes or even make mistakes during the event.

To help you with this, we have listed some tips below. How NOT to dress as a guest at a wedding. I wait:

Be careful with white

This is a doubt that haunts many people who have a beautiful outfit for the occasion, albeit white. There are cases in which the party has this theme and everyone has to dress in white, however if this is not the case it is always better to avoid it.

After all, color is reserved for the bride and she might get upset if it seems like you’re trying to steal her attention. In fact, even colors that are very close to white represent a danger, especially because the bride could end up deciding to wear one instead of pure white.

Also avoid black

This is a slightly more complex discussion, because there are those who don’t see a problem in wearing black on this occasion. However, since wedding is a time of happiness, not dressing in a color that represents mourning is a better choice.

The color of the bridesmaids is also not a good idea.

Ask before the party what color the bridesmaids’ dresses will be. This way you will also avoid this tone and you will not end up being confused with one of them every time during the ceremony, which could also make you uncomfortable.

Don’t overshadow the couple

In the same way that you shouldn’t wear white, outshining the bride in other ways isn’t cool either. That doesn’t mean you can’t look cute or even wear glitter, for example, just don’t overdo it. Too much shine, very maximalist prints, among other things, can make a good impression on other occasions.

Pay attention to the required formalities

Even if sometimes the couple doesn’t care much, it’s nice to show that they paid some attention when choosing a partner. dress. For this reason, very casual items, such as jeans, should be left out at this time.

However, follow the dress code It’s not just about not being too casual, the opposite is also a problem. In other words, don’t wear a formal suit when the information says you should wear smart sportswear.

No exaggeration in accessories

Oversized bags, exaggerated hats, bridal tiaras, among others, are not a good idea. It might seem like you want to outshine the bride and groom with these accessories, even if that’s not the intention.

Source: Terra

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