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Elderly people opt for integration to improve their quality of life

If caring habits were also extended to other generations, we could have longer-lived populations


The global dietary supplement market is expected to exceed $252 billion in 2025. At least one person in 59% of Brazilian households uses a supplement, and people over 60 are the ones who invest the most in this type of product. The use of multivitamins becomes even more important as we age and can provide benefits to quality of life and public health.

It is no news that since the Covid-19 pandemic there have been many changes in people’s habits, including the adoption of healthier practices such as regular exercise and a more balanced diet. These changes reflect a growing awareness of the importance of quality of life and well-being, and have resulted in a clear increase in the search for supplements.

According to a study conducted by IMF (Future Market Insights), by 2025 the global food supplements market will exceed the threshold of 252 billion dollars. Another interesting fact that demonstrates the progress of this segment is that at least one person in 59% of Brazilian families uses some supplement, according to the ABIAD Report (Brazilian Association of the Food Industry for Special and Similar Purposes).

If we look at the age group of people who consumed this type of product the most, we can highlight the elderly. Although this growth is linked to the search for better habits at all ages, people over 60 are those who invest the most in natural supplements, whether to ensure nutrient replacement, strengthen the immune system, improve the quality of life or also to ensure longevity.

To get an idea of ​​how hot this industry is, the seniors’ supplements and vitamins market is expected to grow from $140 billion in 2021 to $265 billion by 2032, according to data from Future Market Insights.

Using multivitamins

As we age, it is inevitable that the use of multivitamins will become even more important for this age group, as the body tends to absorb and metabolize nutrients less efficiently, which can result in deficiencies that affect health and quality of life. And some supplements can help fill these nutritional gaps, obviously you must always be accompanied by specialized medical advice.

By contributing to nutrition, they can offer a range of benefits to this specific audience, including supporting bone health, the immune system and increasing energy and stamina. Furthermore, a study conducted by the Cocoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study group highlighted the benefits of multivitamins on the cognitive health of older adults, improving memory and attention processes.

Improved quality of life

I believe that this significant increase in this population is a positive reflection of the desire to improve the quality of life and also of the growth in awareness of the importance of adequate nutrition for our well-being. This demonstrates a movement towards self-care and investing in one’s health, which can bring individual and even collective benefits related to public health.

Of course, it is important to underline that self-supplementation is not the best solution and can even represent a health risk, due to, among other things, not knowing the correct dosage. Therefore, having nutritional education combined with good supplementation and also physical activity is the best way for this and other age groups to actually enjoy supplements that are interesting and make sense for them at that time in life.

Finally, I see that if these care habits are extended to other generations, we will be able to have longer-lived populations, who will age with quality, vigor and vitality, and we will be able to avoid diseases that can only be avoided with age-appropriate measures. nutrition.

Ye Zhang is an entrepreneur and founder ofAlways fit

an e-commerce platform specializing in natural supplements.

Source: Terra

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