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The nutritionist reveals 7 mistakes that prevent you from losing weight

The doctor comments on the mistakes made by those who want to lose weight. Understand how you can sabotage yourself

Losing weight is usually not an easy task, especially if you are trying to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. This leads to the adoption of restrictive and crazy diets, which end up generating a different result than the desired one, which can cause a lot of frustration and discouragement.

To avoid this, nutritionist Dr. Ana Luisa Vilela, a weight loss specialist, teaches you how to avoid common mistakes that significantly hinder the weight loss process.

1. Severe dietary restrictions

The most common mistake made by those who want to lose weight is to drastically limit their food intake. This is because these diets can cause various adverse effects ranging from binge eating to changes in the functioning of insulin, a hormone that reduces the amount of glucose in the blood. In these cases, the onset of diabetes is common.

Both fasting and consumption every 3 hours can be included in a healthy diet, the important thing is to adapt the routine and be monitored by a professional in the sector. “It is important not to have prejudices and look for a daily habit that makes everyday life easier. Only by adapting the routine is it possible to adapt the correct menu”, explains the doctor. Ana Luísa’s advice is to snack on healthy, low-calorie foods before reaching the crucial moments of hunger.

2. The “false” good choices

Just because food is small doesn’t mean it’s low in calories, warns the expert. Nuts and oilseeds can be consumed in small quantities because, while they are healthy, they can be very high in calories, which makes weight loss difficult. Additionally, these foods provide little satiety, which definitely interferes with your diet.

3. Prioritize only candied fruits, dried fruits and oilseeds

Dr. Ana explains that these foods are very high in calories and, if consumed in large quantities, lead to weight gain. It’s another case of a “false” good choice. A good alternative is to choose to consume fresh, whole fruit, especially if you plan to consume only the juice.

“In general, whole fruit is a good source of fiber, while fruit juice is not. And a cup of fruit juice, even 100 percent pure, contains much more sugar than a piece or serving of whole fruit. Plus , fruit Whole foods are more satiating, “explains nutritionist Dr. Marcella Garcez, director and professor of the Brazilian Association of Nutrology (ABRAN).

4. Opt only for light or diet foods

The expert explains that these foods have specific functions. “Diet food is a food suitable for diabetics and, therefore, is not necessarily low in calories. Bland food reduces the content of some nutrients by 25%, not necessarily calories, which may not promote weight loss,” he points out.

5. Consume only low-carb foods

Low-carb foods can also have a high fat content which leads to weight gain. “That is why it is worth looking not only at the amount of carbohydrates, but also at the calories added to each product,” warns the doctor.

6. Choose foods with a high glycemic index

Fruits and juices are a great example of how, even though they contain vitamins and minerals, healthy options can compromise your diet. «Just to give an example, a glass of orange juice can contain up to 118 calories. Therefore, favor fruits with a lower glycemic index such as pears and apples and those rich in fiber such as fresh plums, dried plums, blackberries and fresh cherries, which adapt better to the diet”, reveals the nutritionist.

7. Cut only the meat

Not eating meat does not guarantee weight loss and improvement in health indicators. “Normally, those who follow a vegan and vegetarian diet end up consuming more carbohydrates and, consequently, increase their calorie intake”, concludes the expert.

Source: Terra

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