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Steven Spielberg wasn’t allowed to make a James Bond movie, so he shot this scene in Indiana Jones

In the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark, the legendary director came close to realizing his directorial dream.

James Bond was born in 1953 at the hands of Ian Fleming, a former World War II combatant who used all his knowledge and imagination to create the secret agent we all know. The audiovisual industry, in fact, immediately took an interest in him: in 1954, the anthology series Climax! adapted Casino Royale, with the face of Barry Nelson in the role of agent. There were still eight years to go Sean Connery made its debut in 007 Against the satanic Dr. No. The rest, as they say, is history? Or not.

There are many James Bond films that were never made, from prequels to robot shark stories to adaptations directed by Alfred Hitchcock OR Quentin Tarantino. But there’s one in particular that would have been great: that Steven Spielberg he intended to do it in 1977, before George Lucas prevented him from introducing his new character. And it all happened by pure chance.

Lucas had long been planning to film the adventures of an archaeologist named Indiana Smith, and Spielberg couldn’t stop thinking about 007. When Star Wars released in theaters, the director sought refuge in Hawaii to try to contain the negative reviews and invited his friend and his wife to spend their vacation there. After talking for a while, Lucas presented him with “a character like James Bond,” but one that would give him absolute creative freedom. Exactly:…

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