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How essential oils can help in everyday life

If you like magic and rituals with advice from astrologer João Bidu, discover how essential oils can improve your energy

There is a technique most commonly used to create essential oils called aromatherapy. It consists of the science of combining, through the aromas of plants, therapeutic fragrances capable of relieving stress, fighting infections, helping with anxiety and relieving pain, such as headaches, sinusitis, flu, among others.

How aromatherapy and essential oils work

When essential oils are applied to certain regions of the body, the substances that make up the fragrances stimulate nerve cells, acting on the areas of the brain that control emotions and physiological reactions.

Therefore, aromatherapy helps with disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, panic and depression, respiratory diseases, in addition to relieving pain, essential oils can bring a feeling of relaxation and be stimulating.

How to use essential oils

Each essence of essential oils has a function and helps in a certain area of ​​the body, lavender, for example, helps to relax, control anxiety and improve sleep.

They can therefore be used in roll-on format, passing over certain areas such as the wrist, behind the neck and between the eyebrows, you can apply a drop on the hand and inhale deeply, you can put the drops on a humidifier or on a pillow, or even on cream formats and be used in massages.

Types and their purposeS

Discover the main essences of essential oils, their benefits, what they help and when to use them:

Lavender: widely used for calming, to help treat anxiety and to regulate/improve sleep.

Eucalyptus: recommended for respiratory problems, helps against colds.

Rosemary: Used in the treatment of infections, it has antiseptic properties.

Melaleuca: It is anti-inflammatory and is used to help with rheumatism and is also used to treat acne and pimples.

Options and more options

Lemon: another essential oil that helps improve the skin, in addition to making the skin less oily, it also has properties that improve mood, smell and is antimicrobial.

Mint: It is a stimulant that helps against tiredness, improves concentration and relieves muscle pain.

Ylang Ylang: lowers blood pressure and calms breathing, helping you relax.

Source: Terra

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