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“Pre-shower makeup”: discover the trend that has become popular on the internet

Many “pre-shower makeup” videos have appeared on TikTok; understand what the goal of this peculiar trend is

Apply makeup before showering It may seem strange and not make much sense, since the production will dirty and go away with water. However, this is a new favorite trend on TikTok, called “pre-shower makeup“, with more than 3 million views. And there’s an explanation for sticking to it.

According to several beauty influencers, changing the usual sequence of your beauty routine has its advantages when trying a new makeup look. You know when you’ve seen a different way to use eyeliner or eyeshadow, for example, and you still don’t know if it will work for you? This is where the “pre-shower trick” comes in.

With it you will be able to test the different techniques and products you want, including the most daring ones, knowing that immediately afterwards you will enter the shower and be able to take everything off. If you go out immediately afterwards, you won’t have to worry about the products coming off your face, just cleanse them with bath water. And, if the makeup result looks good, replicate it later.

Thus, “pre-shower makeup” allows a moment of liberation to try new things. It’s even more useful if what you want to test are products that wouldn’t come off easily in other ways, like glitter.

Controversy and waste

Despite its success on social media, makeup before the shower creates some controversy. This is because many people consider it a waste of product, since you know you will remove everything later.

At the same time, there are those who see it as an important opportunity to freely test things and, in this sense, also a form of therapy. But what do you think, do you consider “pre-shower makeup” as a waste of makeup or do you think it is a valid and interesting technique?

Source: Terra

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