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Online gambling in these countries can land you in prison

Players need to be vigilant about their virtual actions, especially in jurisdictions with punitive laws


Many countries have very strict video game laws, which in some cases can lead to imprisonment, such as China, North Korea, Iran, the United Arab Emirates and Belarus.

“As fascinating as they are, online games can land you in prison if you’re not careful where you play,” says Sandra Bower, research psychologist at Casinotop. This may surprise many online gaming enthusiasts. However, some countries have very strict laws regarding this activity, turning the pleasures of gambling into potential legal nightmares.

Based on investigations by Codes Wholesale and data from Gaming Net, some countries have banned video games for various reasons. A Quora post also confirms this, indicating that many gamers in these countries are forced to use VPNs to play their favorite online games privately.


According to a Reuters report, the Chinese government has strict regulations on online gaming, aiming to combat video game addiction, especially among minors. A CNN report from August revealed China’s new policy that limits children under 18 to just three hours of online gaming per week.

North Korea

Pyongyang bans South Korean video games, seen as a form of cultural invasion, according to Unisoncon data. According to a report from KBS, possession of any South Korean content can lead to arrest.


According to a BBC report, Iran has banned the popular game “Pokémon Go” due to security reasons. A Quora poll indicates that violating this ban could result in arrest.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates bans all forms of online gambling, according to a post on LinkedIn. According to a Reddit travel advice report, anyone caught could be subject to fines, imprisonment or even deportation.


According to a Steam Community report, this country bans all forms of online gaming related to betting and gambling without an official license, which can result in a prison sentence.

In short, online gaming has come a long way since its early stages, providing countless hours of entertainment. However, the laws and cultural norms of some countries have led to strict regulations against them. Therefore, players must be careful with their virtual actions, especially in jurisdictions with punitive laws.

Sandra Bower advises players, saying: “Always obey the laws of the country you are in, do your research, respect cultural differences and remember, gaming should be a source of entertainment, not a legal problem!”


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