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Paratroopers make an unprecedented flight over London Bridge

The wingsuit is considered a revolution in skydiving […]

On May 11, after more than two years of preparation, paratroopers Marco Fürst and Marco Waltenspiel set another milestone in their careers.

These Austrians from Bregenz and Oberndorf respectively were the first to fly over a wingsuit the famous Tower Bridge in London, reaching a speed of 245 km/h in just 45 seconds.

“You fly into it and it’s crazy. It was really crazy,” Waltenspiel recalls, in a note to which the Travel by fare had access.

The “game” began with a jump from a helicopter more than 914 meters high, followed by a flight 35 meters above the Thames, where the pair flew between Tower Bridge, the iconic main river bridge in the capital of the United Kingdom.

After a complex maneuver known as “flare”, the two ascended to a height of 80 meters and opened their parachutes, before landing on barges installed in the Thames.

As Fürst recalls, around 200 training jumps were carried out that day, in places such as Maria Alm, Salzburg, and Oxfordshire, England, where two parallel cranes were used to simulate the dimensions of Tower Bridge.

However, despite all the previous preparation, the two had some problems in flight, mainly due to the headwind produced by the helicopter, and the distance from the bridge, which forced them to fly towards it, to have a sufficient steep angle to cross it.

“It wasn’t just any jump, it was very unique and very intense,” Waltenspiel said.

Marco Furst


Wingsuit In London

This flight suit is a kind of suit with wings and is considered a revolution in skydiving, as it transforms a vertical fall into a horizontal flight, ending with a landing with the help of a parachute.

In Brazil one of the best known practitioners of this sport is Luigi Cani, the Birdman, a parachutist with more than 14 thousand jumps under his belt.

Cani recently joined the elite Explorers’ Club due to his plan to launch 100 million seeds across a devastated area of ​​nearly 260 km² in the Amazon, an operation that required four tons of equipment.

“Now that I’m 52 and no longer have the same hunger for danger, I want my projects to make sense and help people and the planet,” defines Cani.

Unprecedented flight to Panama City

Source: Terra

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