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17 million in 8 months of life: Lua, daughter of Viih Tube and Eliezer, is already a multimillionaire

A 1-year-old girl makes impressive income thanks to the business her parents created for her. View details!

A daughter of Viih Tube and Eliezer, Lua, he turned 1 year old last month. However, much earlier, the child could already be considered a millionaire. Eliezer shocked everyone by revealing Lua’s absurd net worth and even said she spent millions on her first birthday party. View details!

Lua receives profits from Baby Tube

Shortly after the birth of Lua, Viih Tube and Elizer announced the company ‘Baby Tube’, which focuses on selling products aimed at children. Recently, the influencer revealed that in the future all the company’s profits will go only to Lua. “All profits from the projects we have made so far involving Lua on the Internet will be reserved for her in the future. We keep everything for her and that’s what we can do because she’s exposed at such a young age and because of the family she has. It would be difficult to hide it, given the circumstances we live in, as if it were inside a bubble. It was the balance we found”, revealed.

From Nala to Ilha, the 'different' names of the most famous children
From Nala to Ilha, the ‘different’ names of the most famous children

Millionaire child

During an interview on the “No Profit CNN” podcast, Eliezer was asked about Baby Tube’s profits. The influencer reported that the company had recorded revenues of R$17 million by December last year. Moon was born in April 2023meaning he already had all this money in his estate after just 8 months of life.

In the same interview, Eliezer was still shocked by the value he and Viih Tube spent on the first birthday party. “The exact value [de quanto custou a festa] I don’t have it yet. Why don’t I have it? Because I didn’t pay…

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